Thursday, January 06, 2011

A Thriller Contest

Although Jennifer M. of Dublin, CA and Wendy A. of Ferndale, WA  won the copies of Kristin Hannah's Winter Garden, and I'm currently running a contest for books by Tami Hoag, this thriller contest officially kicks off the weekly giveaways for 2011.  If you're still reading actual books, as well as, or instead of on an ereader, maybe you'd like to enter the contests that normally start every Thursday evening.  This week, I'm giving away two thrillers.

The internet, and a thirteen-year-old girl who disappeared kick off Jilliane Hoffman's Pretty Little Things.  FDLE Special Agent Bobby Dees, who has headed up the Department's Crimes Against Children Squad in Miami for over a decade, doesn't think Lainey Emerson was a runaway.  It seems there's an online predator out there, and he wants Dees watching him.

Or you could win Dennis Palumbo's Mirror Image.   Dr. Daniel Rinaldi is a psychologist who specializes in treating victims of violent crime.  But, when he finds a patient murdered, one who had mirrored himself on Rinaldi, dressing and acting like him, Daniel and the police suspect he was the target, not Kevin.  Feeling responsible, Rinaldi's searches for a killer.  Then, the original victim become national news, and another person turns up dead.

Would you like to win Pretty Little Things or Mirror Image?  You can enter to win both, but I need separate entries.  Email me at  Your subject lines should read either, "Win Pretty Little Things," or "Win Mirror Image."  Include your name and mailing address.  Entrants from the U.S. only please.

The contest will end Thursday night, Jan. 13 at 6 PM MT.  I'll use a random number generator to pick the winners, and the books will go out in the mail on Friday.  Good luck!

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