Monday, December 27, 2010

I Want What She's Got! by Bette James Laughrun & Kathie Nelson

I had high hopes for I Want What She's Got! by the mother/daughter team of Bette James Laughrun and Kathie Nelson.  It's subtitled "The Secrets of Creating an Outrageous Life."  Knowing Laughrun was in her sixties when she remade her life, I thought this would be a perfect end for 2010 and beginning for 2011.  I was hoping for ideas for increasing the possibilities in life.

Laughrun's book is designed for inspiriation and motivation.  She suggests women ask themselves seven questions to help them define the life they want, an "outrageous, over-the-top life."  They include questions such as what is my purpose in life.  Why am I here?  What talents can I bring to the party?  How can I make a difference in the world?  Readers are asked to look at their relationships.

Laughrun and Nelson summarize each chapter with questions to help readers chart their lives.  And, there are "life design tools."  They also chose to focus on God and faith, which came as a surprise to me, based on the summary of the book.

I Want Want She's Got! might be appropriate for those readers who want inspirational books including scripture and faith.  It wasn't what I expected, nor what I was looking to read.  The original questions were interesting, but I bogged down in this small book since I wasn't interested in the faith-based motivation.  If you're looking for self-help and motivation, pick this book up with the knowledge that it's faith-based.

I Want What She's Got:  The Secrets of Creating an Outrageous Life by Bette James Laughrun & Kathie Nelson.  PCG Legacy, ©2010. ISBN 978-0982666586 (paperback), 130p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The publicist sent me a copy of the book.

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