Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quarterly Brown Bag Luncheon

I just love hosting the quarterly brown bag luncheons for library patrons.  And, some of my patrons enjoy it so much that they've shown up a day, or even a week early!  (And, I know they're not coming just for the cookies.)  The November luncheon is my last chance to talk about holiday books, so I always include a number of them in the list, so they know about some of the new holiday titles.

Here's what I talked about at this week's brown bag luncheon.

Carlson, Melody – Christmas at Harrington’s - When Lena Markham is released from prison after 8 years, she hopes to make a fresh start in New Haven, Minnesota.  Her promised job at Harrington's Department Store didn't work out.  Instead, she became the store's Mrs. Santa.

Casey, Kathryn – The Killing Storm - As a hurricane bears down on Houston, Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong frantically searches for a missing child.

Crusie, Jennifer – Maybe This Time - Andie Miller is ready to move on with her life, but her ex-husband hires her to take care of two difficult children living in a house of horrors.

Gaus, P.L. – Blood of the Prodigal - When a young Amish boy goes missing, his grandfather, the Bishop, turns to a pastor and a professor, instead of the local sheriff.

Genova, Lisa – Still Alice - Alice Howland, a brilliant Harvard professor, learns she has early-onset Alzheimer’s at the age of 50.

Kleypas, Lisa – Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor - Three lonely people, a child, a bachelor and a widow, need a Christmas miracle.

Larsen, K.J. – Liar, Liar - Cat DeLuca is the owner of Pants on Fire Detective Agency, catching liars and cheats. But, when one of her clients turns up dead, and the client’s so-called husband keeps popping up, Cat’s job gets a little interesting.

Lehane, Dennis – Gone Baby Gone -  Patrick Kenzie & Angie Gennaro take on a case that lives on with consequences, that of a missing four-year-old. Lehane’s new Moonlight Mile is set twelve years later.

Macomber, Debbie – Call Me Mrs. Miracle - Emily Merkle’s (Mrs. Miracle) boss in the toy department at Finley’s Department Store is Jake Finley, a man who lost Christmas after a family tragedy.  Can she bring him together with a woman who needs a little Christmas magic?

McManus, Patrick F. – The Huckleberry Murders - Sheriff Bo Tully investigates the worst murder in Blight County, Idaho history, that of three men picking huckleberries.

Ritter, Todd – Death Notice - It isn’t often an obituary writer receives a death notice before the victim dies, but it’s happening in a small Pennsylvania town.

Roberts, Sheila – The Snow Globe - Three needy young women find miracles in an antique snow globe.

Spann Craig, Elizabeth – Pretty Is as Pretty Dies - When there's a murder in town, retired schoolteacher Myrtle Clover thinks solving the crime would prove to her son, the police chief, that she’s not ready to put out to pasture.

Stewart, Mariah – Home Again - Dallas MacGregor is a Hollywood superstar, but the collapse of her marriage takes her back to the only home she loved, in Maryland, where she finds her beloved aunt and a high school sweetheart.

Viorst, Judith – Unexpectedly Eighty and Other Adaptations - Light verse about being in your eighties.

Woods, Sherryl – A Chesapeake Shores Christmas - There’s problems in the O’Brien family at holiday time, when Mick & Megan plan to remarry, and one son objects.


Sharon said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! I wish our library did something like this. I like the books you have chosen esp the Mariah Stewart.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Sharon. It is fun. I don't get a large group of people, but the ones who come love it, and always come back.

Beth Hoffman said...

This is such a lovely thing for you to do, Lesa. Your community is so lucky to have you! I'll bet y'all have fun at your Brown Bag Luncheons.

Lesa said...

We do have fun at the brown bag luncheons, Beth. I enjoy discussing books, and this gives me a chance to do it. In fact, the staff luncheon had to be cancelled this month, so I did a book talk of Lisa Genova's books when five of us went to lunch yesterday. Just can't resist!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Wish I could go to a Brown Bag Luncheon! At least you make us all feel like we're a part of it...and I actually *was* a part of this one! Thanks so much for the mention!

I'm getting in the mood to read some Christmas books, myself and appreciate the recommendations. Our local radio stations have even been playing Christmas music!

Lesa said...


I kick off my Christmas book reviews tomorrow, and I'll be doing them every Sunday and Wednesday. I can't believe the radio station is already playing Christmas music, though!

You were part of this luncheon! Sorry you couldn't be there. I read a little from the book, too, the scene when Myrtle's daughter-in-law looks out the kitchen window to see the gnomes. Loved it!

Bev Stephans said...

I wish I could be at one of your "brown bag luncheons". I would love to discuss the books on the list that I have read and hear others tell me about the ones I haven't read.

As an aside: I just finished P.L. Gaus's "Blood of the Prodigal" and loved it so much, that I ordered the second and third books in the series.

Thank you for all of your great recommendations. My TBR pile is enormous and still growing.

Lesa said...


I wish you could be here for a brown bag luncheon, too. I'm really glad you like P.L. Gaus' Blood of the Prodigal. I did too, and I have the second one. I just haven't had a chance to read it yet.

You're welcome! I love to hear when someone likes one of the recommendations. Thanks, Bev.

Ingrid King said...

I wish I could be there for one of your brown bag luncheons, but at least we get the virtual version here!

Lesa, I loved Mariah Stewart's Home Again and Coming Home - I hope she writes more in the series.

Lesa said...

Ingrid, I know there is supposed to be at least one more book in the series. They are terrific books. As I said, good enough that I passed them on to my mother.

I wish you could be there for the actual brown bag luncheon, too!