Friday, October 15, 2010

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

For those of us who mourned the ending of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the first book in the spin-off series was released this week, The Lost Hero.  The Heroes of Olympus is the name of this follow-up series, and, if the first book is any indication, readers will be just as pleased with these.  I don't care that the target audience is 9 to 11.  I bought my copy for my Kindle because I wanted it on Tuesday. 

The opening sentence of The Lost Hero would capture anyone's attention.  "Even before he got electrocuted, Jason was having a rotten day."  Jason doesn't know who he is, or how he ended up at Wilderness School with a group of troubled teens who were fifteen and sixteen.  But, when a monster attacks Jason and two other teens on the walkway at the Grand Canyon, he quickly figures out the three of them are a little different.  When a rescue team, led by Annabeth, swoops in to rescue them and take them to Camp Half-Blood, he knows how different they are.  But, Jason still doesn't know who he is.

Piper and Leo are only a little better off.  They're all a little old to arrive at Camp Half-Blood, but they quickly learn they're essential members of a new team sent on a quest.  Hera is imprisoned, and, if she's not rescued by the solstice, in four days, a king will arise who opposes the gods on Olympus.  All three, Jason, Piper, and Leo, have secrets, but the oracle's messages indicate they must move quickly.  And, each one has strange dreams, and messages from Hera.

Riordan's first series always left the reader breathless with anticipation and anxiety.  Percy Jackson's adventures were riveting, involving the Greek gods.  Now,  Percy Jackson's disappearance is an essential plot element, while Jason's involvement introduces the elements of the Roman gods.  The three new demi-gods have fascinating backgrounds, different from characters in the earlier books.  To tell anymore would be to ruin the excitement of this series.  My only disappointment?  It will be a year before the next book in the series.  But, The Lost Hero successfully launches an exciting follow-up series combining fantasy and mythology.  It's a must-read for those of us who loved Percy Jackson.

Rick Riordan's website is

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan.  Hyperion, ©2010. ISBN 9781423113393 (hardcover), 576p.

FTC Full Disclosure - I bought the ebook for my Kindle.


Jody Crocker said...

Passed on a link to your review to my grandson (age 17) who loved the Percy Jackson series. I won't be surprised to have it be requested for Christmas or his birthday in January.

bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad to see Riordan has a new series out - there just don't seem to be that many books for boys out there and his books just fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

That's as it may be, but I mourn the end? of the Tres Navarre series. I loved those books.


Lesa said...

I let my sixteen-year-old nephew know about the book as well, Jody. He loved the Percy Jackson series as much as I did. I just couldn't get into Riordan's first book in the Egyptian series. I guess I always liked Greek & Roman mythology, and didn't really care about Egyptian.

Lesa said...


You're right. These just fit the bill for all the boys in my family.

Lesa said...

I never read the Tres Navarre series, Judith. But, I have the feeling, with these books shooting to the top of the bestseller lists as soon as they're released, Rick Riordan won't be going back to mysteries.

Sheila Beaumont said...

Sounds great! Didn't realize it was out already. It's in my cart now, ready to order. I have a Kindle, but I want the "real book" for this one!

Lesa said...

It is great, Sheila. I promise!

Anonymous said...

That was my thought, too, Lesa. [sob]


Lesa said...

I'm sorry, Judith. And, from what I've read, as a former teacher, who still likes to reach out to kids, I think Rick Riordan's heart is with his juv books.

Chèli said...

I've got my copy ready. In fact, I got mine but I'm waiting because I didn't want that much time between book 1 and 2 so I'll wait as long as I can before I start it.

Glad to know that it's a good one.

Cheli's Shelves

Lesa said...


Oh, yes, it's a good one! You do have a wait, though, since it will be a year before the next one comes out.