Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

If you're here looking this week's contest, I'm not here.  It will be up tomorrow morning.

Busy, busy day.  We got ready to open the library, and then I left for a city meeting today.  Then, I went to a managers' meeting to practice for tonight's meeting.  Back to my branch to do a television interview to run tonight.  It's on the value of libraries to families.  Had a great patron who talked about how important libraries are to her and her four kids.  And, tonight I'm at the Main Library for a library board meeting.  The managers are doing a presentation - A Day in the Life of Public Service Staff.  If it's me, it's running around.  It's a fun presentation, with great pictures.

So, I'm not here, and have no time for a book review tomorrow.  I'll kick off a new contest and announce the winners of the Dewey's Nine Lives contest.   So, stop by, enter to win the books, and I'll have a book review for you on Saturday.  Promise!

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