Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Salon - September Treasures in My Closet

If you could see the books I have left over from June and July, with hopes of still reading some of them, you'd know why I'm glad there are only a few books in my closet for September.  I know that TBR pile will grow over the next month as well.  In the meantime, here are seven titles you might want to watch for at your favorite bookstore or public library.

I always do these lists alphabetically by author, but this one just might be at the top of the pile anyways.  How can you resist that kitten on the cover of Cleo: The Cat Who Mended a Family by Helen Brown?  Brown's family picked out Cleo before tragedy struck, but the arrival of a kitten did something to restore her son's smile, and the family itself.  I'm looking forward to this story about the connection between humans and animals.

Katrina Kenison's The Gift of an Ordinary Day is also a mother's memoir.  It's the story of a family in transition, as Kenison's oldest son prepared to leave for college.  And, she discovers that what she treasures most are the ordinary moments of everyday life.

It's been three years since the last Art Forger's Mystery by Hailey Lind.  Arsenic and Old Paint finds ex-art forger Annie Kincaid in danger again, investigating a murder in San Francisco, scrambling through underground Chinatown tunnels in search of stolen art, and following the trail of a bronze Greek god that disappeared.  Welcome back, Annie!

Since Casey Mayes' A Deadly Row is a debut mystery from Berkley Prime Crime, you'll probably see more of the book when I do my Penguin (USA) book chat mid-month.  Set in Charlotte, North Carolina, it features math puzzle maker Savannah Stone, who puts her analytical skills to work when the mayor receives death threats.

I even have a gorgeous picture book in my closet.  Zen Ghosts by Jon J. Muth is a stunning book with colors of fall, and the spirit of Halloween.  But, Stillwater, the panda ghost,  has a spine-tingling story for his friends, after they finish trick-or-treating.

 L.J. Sellers brings back Detective Wade Jackson in Thrilled to Death.  Set in Eugene, Oregon, two young women with nothing in common disappear on the same day.  Jackson's investigation uncovers the rich girl's secrets, when she turns up dead.  But, the investigation runs into trouble when the primary suspect is an agoraphobic who hasn't left his house in a year.

Scoop to Kill by Wendy Lyn Watson is another book you'll probably be seeing mid-month, an Obsidian paperback.  Tallulah Jones is proprietor of Dalliance, Texas' old-fashioned ice-cream parlor, Remember the A-la-mode.  She's also an amateur sleuth when Tally's niece stumbles on a body during the local college's Honor's Day festivities.  When a second death follows, Tally must act fast to keep her niece from becoming the third murder victim.

See?  An ordinary month can give us gifts of mystery, cats, ice cream and art.  It looks like the treasures in my closet are special for September.  And, watch for tomorrow's Hot September Titles for more forthcoming books.


kathy d. said...

Several of these books look intriguing and I'll check them out and see what is in the library system here.

Of course, the cat on the cover is adorable.

I could spend hours watching kittens play and don't see how they wouldn't make anyone smile and cheer up.

Have a good reading Sunday.

Lesa said...

Thank you, kathy. And, I know you'll be using your Sunday for reading, so enjoy it.

And, I'm sitting here typing with a small black cat in my lap. He's purring. You're right. They're just adorable.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Wow, these all look good! The "Zen Ghosts" cover is gorgeous and the "Cleo" one is too cute!

Wendy's a friend and I'm looking forward to "Scoop to Kill." Wendy tells a great story...and then has great recipes, to boot! :)

Mason Canyon said...

These all look like great reads. I've got Helen Brown's book, Cleo, in my stack of TBR. Looks like several more to add, especially Zen Ghosts (can't resist that cover). Thanks.

Thoughts in Progress

Lesa said...

Don't they look good, Elizabeth? You should see the illustrations for Zen Ghost. They're gorgeous! And, Cleo is cute. I haven't read the book yet, so I don't know what tragedy hits the family, but I have my suspicions. Even so, I'm looking forward to the book.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Mason. I know, they do all look good, don't they?

kathy d. said...

Just to dwell on cats for a moment, when I'm stressed or need an uplifting change, I will go to You Tube and look for cats playing (or kittens playing).

Sometimes they're very young and are already doing that play-fighting that they do, when they can barely walk or their eyes have just opened.

As a friend of mine says (she's 89-years-old), she loves all animals, but with cats she's pathological. (We cry at cute cat videos or pictures.)

Lesa, can you please tell me how to find your lists of "books in your closet" for the Spring months. I saw good books which I neglected to copy down.

Thanks a lot. And hi to Jinx.

bermudaonion said...

That kitten on Cleo is adorable. The cover of Zen Ghosts makes me think of Kung Fu Panda.

Lesa said...

I agree, kathy. I have a friend who sends me some of the most delightful cat pictures, and I save them to look at when I need a laugh.

Just put "Treasures in My Closet" in the search box, kathy. I just did it, and each month came up.

Good luck! Jinx is here in the den with me, watching the rain out the window. He hasn't seen much of it in his life here in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Lots of good ones here, Lesa. I've got the CLEO book for a blog tour in September. I'll read it after I get back from my vacation. Also looking forward to L.J. Sellers book, although I need to read the first two, which are on my Kindle.

I'm going to have to pack up all my books after we get back from our trip because we are having a lot of renovations done on our house. I'm going to do a post about it in late Aug/early Sept. However, I'm also going to be doing a big clearout of my book closet and all my books. I must be brave and let go of a bunch. I'll just have to get my virtual fix from your closet. I have enough on my Kindle to hold me over, along with review books and the library, of course.

kathy d. said...

That is tough to do, to get rid of books. Can you keep the ones you like best? And perhaps take the others to the library or to a good thrift shop so you know they'll go to a good cause?

I did that five years ago and had few separation pangs--although I was very selective and none went I thought were favorites) as they went to either the library or to a charitable thrift shop that raises funds for housing for people with HIV and AIDS.

Lesa said...

Good luck, Kay. That is tough to do. I'm looking at my bookshelves, and I'd have a tough time getting rid of these books. Good luck!

Kaye George said...

What a great line up! It's been 3 years for the Hailey Lind? I wouldn't have guessed it, but that's too long!

Lesa said...

It is too long, Kaye. I'm looking forward to Hailey Lind's new book.

Book Bird Dog said...

My kind of books, all these mysteries. Here's what I'll be doing this month: My Sunday Salon.

Lesa said...

It's a good month for mysteries. I'm going to your blog right now, Book Bird Dog to check out your upcoming reading.

Chèli said...

You never fail to give me another book to look out for.

Thanks for the update!

Cheli's Shelves

Lesa said...

Thank you, Cheli! That's my kind of compliment!

Ingrid King said...

I just finished my ARC copy of Helen Brown's book. It's absolutely, hands down, one of the most wonderful cat books I've read.

Lesa said...

Oh, Ingrid! That's great to know. I have my ARC, but haven't started it yet.