Monday, August 02, 2010

September's Hot Titles

September seems so far away to be talking about book releases that month, but it will be here before we know it.  You'll want to order your books now from your favorite bookstore or public library.  So, here are some titles that may be hot next month.

As a former Ohio resident, I find Lisa Black's Trail of Blood intriguing.  In the 1930s, a madman nicknamed the Torso Killer terrorized Cleveland.  Now, forensic scientist MacLean recognizes the pattern with a body, and launches an investigation.

 In Rhys Bowen's latest Royal Spyness book, Royal Blood, Lady Georgiana represents the royal family at a wedding in Transylvania, and has to try to save the festivities when she finds the bride with blood running down her chin, and a wedding guest poisoned.

Fans of the TV series, Castle,  might be waiting for the sequel to Heat Wave by Richard Castle.  Naked Heat continues the story of NYPD homicide detective, Nikki Heat, who along with reporter Jameson Rook, tracks a killer, while trading insults and innuendos.

Margaret Coel's Wind River Reservation series is one of my favorites.  In The Spider's Web, attorney Vicki Holden believes a woman is innocent of killing her boyfriend, an Arapaho, and sets out to prove it, finding herself on the opposite side of the investigation from Father O'Malley.

I gave up on Janet Evanovich, and haven't read Sizzlin' Sixteen.  But, she has a new Diesel novel due out in September, Wicked Appetite.  Diesel partners with a pastry chef in historic Salem as he looks for a collection of priceless relics representing the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ken Follett kicks off his new Century Trilogy with the first book, Fall of Giants.  The book follows the fates of five families, American, German, Russian, English and Welsh as they move through the early twentieth century, through World War I, the Russian Revolution, and the struggle for women's rights.

Vermilion Drift is William Kent Krueger's latest Cork O'Connor mystery.  Cork is hired to head security at the Vermilion One Mine, but, on his first day on the job, he finds a secret room with six murder victims inside, who appear to have been there for decades.

Jeffry Lindsay brings back Dexter in Dexter is Delicious.  The serial killer who only kills bad people investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl who's been keeping company with a group of Goths who call themselves vampires.  His investigation reveals something worse.

So, are you ready for the first Christmas book of the year?  Debbie Macomber's Call Me Mrs. Miracle allows Mrs. Miracle to play matchmaker while she's working in the toy department of a family-run store in New York City.  She meets a woman who she thinks would be a perfect match for the store owner's son.

This time, James Patterson teams up with Hoard Roughan for Don't Blink.  Reporter Nick Daniels didn't realize he had accidentally captured a key piece of evidence when a mob lawyer was killed while dining at Lombardo's Steak House.  He probably shouldn't have started his own investigation.

I've been waiting for Louise Penny's Bury Your Dead.  It might be Winter Carnival time in Quebec City, but it's no vacation for Chief Inspector Gamache.  He's recovering from an investigation gone wrong in Three Pines.  But, before there's trouble between the English and the French, he has to offer his help when a historian's search for the remains of the founder of Quebec ends in murder.

Chet (the dog) and his owner, Bernie, end up dealing with people involved in the illegal international trade of exotic animals when the take on the case of a missing circus elephant and its trainer.  It's Spencer Quinn's To Fetch a Thief.

Lydia Chin has been kidnapped in S.J. Rozan's On the Line, and it's up to her occasional partner Bill Smith to follow a wild goose chase while he uncovers the kidnapper's identity.

Nicholas Sparks brings us Safe Haven.  One of Audrey's cherished memories is of the summer she and a best friend spent in Italy.  Renee fell in love with a local boy, but ended the affair to go home, marry and have a family.  Now, Audrey's dying, and Renee finds a surprise when she goes to see her friend.

In Stuart Woods' Santa Fe Edge, attorney Ed Eagle has a client connected to his past, one that could put Ed in danger.

And, I'll end the September hot titles with two debut novels that have potential.  Toby Ball's The Vaults uncovers a radical program called The Navajo Project.  Three men join together to expose this radical program for punishing murderers, but a group of wealthy businessmen and a corrupt mayor don't want the secret uncovered.

The Damage Done is Hilary Davidson's debut novel.  Lily fled to Spain to escape her drug-addicted younger sister, Claudia, but returned to New York when Claudia is found dead in her bathtub.  But, Lily discovers the woman in the morgue isn't Claudia, and her sister has disappeared.

Did you find any books that excite you?  Am I missing a title you're waiting for in September?  Let me know!


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Lots to excite me here! I'm particularly looking forward to Louise Penny's book (love Gamache!)and Rhys' book.

Lesa said...

I love Gamache, too. I loved him even more once I knew she based him on her husband, Michael, and I've had the chance to meet Michael! Looking forward to that book!

Jen Forbus said...

Gosh, I think this whole year has been full of good books. Seems like every month you do this Lesa I'm finding tons to be excited about.

I have Lisa Black's book in my pile for Crimespree and of course I'm thrilled about Louise Penny and the return of Chet. I've just requested a couple of SJ Rozan's books from the library on audio so I can get caught up on that series. I've heard wonderful things about it.

But what I'm most looking forward to is Hilary's debut! I have one more book to read and then I can begin devouring it! She shared a video with me of a reading she did earlier this year and I'm just so excited to start this book!

Brian Lindenmuth said...

I played last month, I’ll gladly play again. But first a recommendation. If you in any way like the Dexter books or show then I have to insist you track a book down called Blackburn by Bradley Denton. It will blow your mind.

And now some September releases:

Bad Penny Blues by Cathy Unsworth
The Adjustment by Scott Phillips
The Damage Done by Hilary Davidson
The Damned Don't Die by Jim Nisbet (reprint)
How to Survive a Natural Disaster by Margaret Hawkins

acsparks said...

If you are interested in an advance reading copy of DEXTER IS DELICIOUS, Lindsay's latest in the 'Dexter' book series out September 7, please send your contact information to me at acsparks at

Sheila Beaumont said...

Lady Georgiana in Transylvania sounds intriguing. And I can't wait for Louise Penny's "Bury Your Dead"! I'm a big fan of Armand Gamache.

Lesa said...


Lots of good books in September. That's so nice that you're most excited about Hilary's debut. I wish her luck!

Lesa said...


I'm glad you stop by to play each month, and suggest some other titles. It's good to see what I might have missed, and I know readers will be interested. Thank you!

Patricia Stoltey said...

Yay! New books from Coel and Krueger. I love 'em all, but these two authors are among my top, top favorites.

Lesa said...

Sheila, You and I are both big fans of Gamache. Love him!

Lesa said...

I'm read all of Coel's books, Patricia. I have to say, I haven't read William Kent Krueger's, but I'm going to. Just one of the authors I haven't had a chance to get to.

kathy d. said...

William Kent Kreuger is good, Ken Follett's book looks interesting.

S.J. Rozan has a wonderful Lydia Chin/Bill Smith series. The main protagonists rotate having the featured role. Some books are light and funny, some are very serious, like "Winter and Night," an excellent book.

And many more look good here.

Janet Rudolph said...

What a good month for books. They all are, but it's great that you give us a heads up. I don't have the Spencer Quinn, and that will be rectified today. Can't wait to read it. Louise Penny is in my TBR. I'm reading two non-mysteries first, but it's in place #5. Always love your round-up.

Lesa said...

Follett's book does look intersting, doesn't it, kathy? I just have a hard time when I know it's a trilogy and I'm going to have to wait for future books.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Janet! You've picked two of my favorites - the Spencer Quinn (which I don't have either), and the Louise Penny.