Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Tidbits

I know it's an odd day to do catch-up, but I haven't had a chance to finish a book in the last couple days. I'll have a nice wrap-up on Thursday, though, of my week with authors. It's been fun!

Let's start with The Criminal Element. Have you seen this newsletter? I'm copied the weblink for you, and you just have to click on The Criminal Element above, but you might want to subscribe to the newsletter. It's the new informative monthly newsletter from Macmillan publishing. The current issue is an introduction. It talks about spy novels by Olen Steinhauer and Andrew Grant, and features a giveaway by Picador. "This month, Picador is offering the first four internationally bestselling books by Icelandic sensation Arnaldur Indridason." There's an interview with Paul Doiron, author of the debut crime novel, The Poacher's Son. And, John Banville discusses his Benjamin Black books. If you're a fan of crime fiction, you'll want your monthly update at The Criminal Element.

I often include authors here who are sent to me through ReadingGroupGuides. They have an interesting offer for book clubs right now. "Ten years ago this month our boss, Carol Fitzgerald, launched with a goal to connect book groups with books and authors that would make for great conversation --- and move, motivate and inspire them. The website now has more than 11,000 newsletter subscribers, 10,000 registered book groups and 3,000 discussion guides listed. It’s become an online community for more than 185,000 unique visitors each month. Thus, in keeping with the “10 theme,” will be giving away $10,000 in prizes in the 10th Anniversary Contest. To enter to win, groups will be asked to share their "Top 10 Favorite Discussion Books." The prizes will be 50 $200 gift certificates to treat book clubs to a month’s worth of discussion books. Groups also can opt instead to donate books to a school, library or other organization of their choice. Gift certificates will be purchased by The Book Report Network at the bricks and mortar or online store of the winning groups’ choosing. The contest will be open through August 31st . You can find more at:

And, I'll end with the update on Kaye Barley's husband, Donald, because I've heard privately from a number of people. Here's her last good news email.

"The results of the cath test - including a picture - showed a 90% blockage. The
hospital furnished a "before" picture and an "after" picture. The 90% blocked
artery was barely visible. Amazing to see the "after" picture and seeing that
the artery had reappeared all fat and healthy. Lovely.

"Donald is resting easy and Harley and I invite you all to join us in a Happy
Dance of major proportions - stretching from North Carolina to all points
imaginable. We spend one more night in Asheville - Donald at the hospital; me
and Harley at the hotel. We go home to Boone tomorrow.

"So this, I think, will be the final Donald Update mass mailing, and my final
thank you to you all as a group. But - rest assured - I'll be showing up in
your mailbox to respond to all of you who took the time to write. (Don't even
bother writing to say it's not necessary).

"We thank you and we love you.
Kaye and Donald and Harley"

Tomorrow, my author adventures this week.


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Thanks so much for the update, Lesa! I'm going to sign up for the newsletter, for sure.

And....somehow I missed what was happening with Kaye! Thanks so much for letting us know so I can write her.

Mason Canyon said...

Thanks for the update on Kaye and Donald. Glad to know they're going home soon and are doing better.

Thoughts in Progress

Lesa said...

Very good newsletter, Elizabeth. Macmillan actually hired a journalist to write it. And, Kaye said today that they're home. I know she appreciates the notes.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Mason. Kaye, Donald & Harley are home now, and very excited to be home.

Beth Hoffman said...

Thank you for the update, Lesa. I'm so glad that Kaye and Donald are home.

Lesa said...

I am, too, Beth. They received lots of prayers to help them get there!