Monday, May 24, 2010

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

Does anyone do romance any better than Nora Roberts? And, how can you miss with weddings and romance? Savor the Moment, the third book in the Bride Quartet is just as much fun as the previous books in this charming series.

Vows is a wedding and event business, run by four women who have been friends since childhood. Previous books focused on Mackenzie (Mac), the wedding photographer, and Emma, the florist. Now, it's Laurel McBane's turn in the spotlight. Laurel is the one who went to culinary school, and now bakes the gorgeous wedding cakes for the business. But, she went to school only with a loan from Mrs. Grady, the housekeeper for the Browns, the family who owned the house that became Vows when Parker Brown and her brother, Del, inherited it following their parents' death. And, despite her close friendship with Parker, Laurel still harbors feelings of inferiority because of her parents' reputation.

Laurel has also hidden her love for Del. He's been there for years, first as a childhood playmate, then as the steady lawyer for Vows. He's Parker's brother, and the one who views all four women as his sisters. He's protective, but will he ever see Laurel McBane as anything other than one of the group, one of his sisters?

Once again, Roberts brings us a fun romance featuring a group of enchanting, witty friends. Not very realistic, but who wants realism in a charming romance? Laurel and Del's romance brings together two people who've known each other for years. And, their challenge to try dating for thirty days provides betting material for all of their friends.

The final book in the Bride Quartet, Happy Ever After, will be out in November. It will be Parker Brown's romantic story. While anticipating that one, Savor the Moment of the latest treat from Nora Roberts.

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Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts. Berkley Books, ©2010. ISBN 9780425233689 (paperback), 339p.


Mason Canyon said...

I am so looking forward to this installment. I'm glad she did put Laurel and Del together. There's always that hint someone else might step in.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

No, I definitely don't want realism in my charming romances! :) Think this might make a good beach read.

Lesa said...

I never worry about mentioning the names in this series. Once you start the series, you can see the romance coming two books ahead. It's pretty obvious, but who cares? Right, Mason?

Lesa said...

Oh, it will make a great beach read, Elizabeth. You can pick up three volumes in the sereis.

kathy d. said...

This is a miscellaneous question.

Does anyone know if Book Depository which says it will ship books free all over the world, is trustworthy and if use of credit card online transactions with them, is safe?

Lesa said...


I'm afraid I can't answer that question since I've never used them, so hopefully someone else will answer it for you.

Bev Stephans said...

@Kathy D
Book Depository is very reliable. I have used them several times and am very pleased with their service. Their prices on UK books is generally cheaper than Amazon.UK and ship for free. The only caveat is that if you pre-order a book, they debit your credit card immediately, but if you change your mind about the pre-order, they will credit your credit card. I think that they are very safe.

I too, am looking forward to the last installment in the Bride quartet. I've read the first three and you are right, they are charming. Good word!

Lesa said...


Thanks for answering Kathy about Book Depository, with the warnings.

And, I agree with you. They are charming, aren't they?

kathy d. said...

Another thing, let us know if you read "City of Dragons," what you think.

I'm ready to tear back to traditional mysteries after just reading a German philosophical thriller, "In Free Fall," very intellectually challenging; that is fun. But I'm not really sure of the culprit's motive nor what hit me at the ending, so now back to Kate Shugak and Dana Stabenow and off to get "Caught" by Harlan Coben at the library and "The Dead End," listed here, for some just plain-old murders, chases, and red herrings, and no parallel universes and the argument that something only exists if it's seen...thought I'd dealt with that in Philosophy 101 40 years ago.

Lesa said...

I haven't read City of Dragons, although I own it, and I understand it's terrific. It's one of those - I'll get to it when I can. I'm not into the philosophical aspect. Philosphy 101 was too much for me.

Ingrid King said...

I still haven't gotten started on this series. Maybe I'll indulge myself and read the entire series back to back for a good summer read. Thanks for the reminder that I need to add these books to my TBR list!

Lesa said...

Oh, it would make a good summer read, Ingrid. I really like this series.