Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Salon - July Treasures in My Closet

Thank heavens I don't have many July books in my closet. I'll still be catching up with all of the May and June releases. Even so, I'm looking forward to the July releases.

P.C. Doherty is known for his historical mysteries. The Templar kicks off a new series. It's a story that capitalizes on the recent interest in the secret organization. In 1095, Hugh de Payens and Godefroi of St. Omer, the men who will found the Templar Order, along with Hugh's sister, Eleanor, plan to join Count Raymond of Toulouse's army, and march to Jerusalem. It's a story filled with murder and intrigue.

Ann Littlewood's Did Not Survive continues the story of Iris Oakley, a keeper at Finley Memorial Zoo in Vancouver, Washington. Iris is pregnant, and still recovering from her husband's murder, but she has to rescue her boss when he's mauled by a zoo elephant. There are a number of motives to kill the foreman, but the elephant is one of the few that doesn't have one. There's too much turmoil at the zoo, and Iris finds herself drawn into another murder investigation.

The sixth book in the Ike Schwartz series by Frederick Ramsay is The Eye of the Virgin. Sheriff Ike Schwartz thinks two events, a death and a break-in, are somehow connected to an icon, The Virgin of Tenderness. When Callend University, the CIA, and Ike Schwartz are brought together, it's sure to be another topnotch mystery.

Hemlock Lake is an isolated community in the Catskill Mountains, at least until a developer destroys land and forests to build luxury homes. When an arsonist threatens to burn the houses, and crimes escalate, Sergeant Dan Stone is caught between newcomers and long-time residents. With his own painful background, it's not easy for him to deal with the crime. He soon suspects someone he knows might have become a killer in Carolyn J. Rose's Hemlock Lake.

Karen Slaughter brings Grant County, Georgia, coroner Dr. Sara Linton together with Special Agent Will Trent in Broken. When Trent arrives in Grant County, he finds a police department harboring secrets and a coroner that distrusts the police. The thin blue line could be dangerous to Trent, and anyone who tries to cross it.

Chevy Stevens' Still Missing is one of the most talked about debuts this year. Annie O'Sullivan was abducted when she was thirty-two, and held captive in a remote mountain cabin. Annie retells the story of that year in sessions with her psychiatrist, as readers learn about the aftermath of her kidnapping, and her attempt to put her life back together.

So, how many times have you seen pictures of authors previewing Thrillers: 100 Must Reads? David Morrell and Hank Wagner edited this collection, "Today's best thriller writers on one hundred classics of the genre." I'll admit I'm a little skeptical of some of the titles chosen, but I'm going to give the authors a chance to justify their selections. (Is Robinson Crusoe a thriller?) There are selections going as far back as 1500 B.C. It's going to be interesting to see what authors such as Lee Child, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and Jeffery Deaver say about their picks.

Anne Zouroudi's The Messenger of Athens takes readers to the Greek island of Thiminos, where a young woman's battered body is found at the foot of the cliff. Local police quickly call it an accident, but a mysterious stranger, Hermes Diaktoros, shows up, with plans to investigate further. It's a story of dark secrets and lies, corruption and murder. And, who knows how Hermes himself is involved?

Can I tempt you with any of these titles? If not, just wait until tomorrow!


Charmaine Clancy said...

tempting collection :-)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, lots of good ones here. Karin Slaughter's BROKEN is probably top on my list, but there are several others that appeal to me too. Can't wait to see what you have for us tomorrow!

Mason Canyon said...

These all sounds so interesting. Can't wait to see what else you have for tomorrow.

Thoughts in Progress

Lesa said...


I'm glad there are some books here that tempt you.

Lesa said...


I'm a big Ike Schwartz fan, so Frederick Ramsey's book on the top of the pile for me, but I'm very interested in that Thriller collection as well.

Lesa said...

Tomorrow, Mason, is the day I discuss the Hot July Titles, so we'll see what else is tempting then.

Jen Forbus said...

There's never a month when we're at a loss for great new reads, is there Lesa!

Ingrid King said...

Hemlock Lake and Still Missing sound great. My TBR list is out of control right now, but what's two more books, right?!

Lesa said...

That's definitely, true, Jen. That phrase, So many books, so little time, sounds trite, but it's so accurate.

Lesa said...

My TBR pile is just as out of control as yours, Ingrid. You're right. What's two more books?

LSUReader said...

I was lucky enough to read an ARC of Still Missing last year, and it is wonderful. I don't have sufficient words to describe how special this novel is. It's a definite must-read.

Lesa said...


Thanks for commenting about Still Missing. I know it's supposed to be a very hot debut.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hey Lesa! Thank you so much for mentioning the ITW collection. It's amazing...everyone's favorite thrillers get discussed by the authors who love them--Day of the Jackal. Deliverance. Heart of Darkness. Dracula. Hunt for Red October. So many terrific books. (Talk about a TBR situation...)

David Morrell and Hank Wagner did a fantastic job. Readers should be able to find it everywhere--but if you can't let me know.

xoox Hank

Lesa said...


You're right. Now, there's a list I can talk about next week on a guest blog. (grin) You're right. It's going to be an interesting book.

kathy d. said...

Great--more books for the TBR mountain.

Have to reveal that I can't read Karin Slaughter books; two that I read were way too gratuitously violent and gory for me, with the brutality directed against women. Not my speed.

I did, however, play hookey from any responsibility this weekend, and read Harlan Coben's latest thriller, "Caught," which is riveting and not gory, with a strong, woman protagonist. I recommend it, especially if you have time to ignore chores and errands and just read.

Lesa said...

Hi Kathy,

Oh, quite frequently I have time to ignore chores. I don't ignore the errands, but chores? Any time!

Beth Hoffman said...

I enjoyed this post, Lesa. I just added Still Missing to my TBR list.

Hope you're having a nice weekend!

Lesa said...

Very nice weekend, Beth, thank you! I always enjoy sharing the Treasures in My Closet with everyone. Still Missing seems to be the most popular title from that pile.