Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Brown Bag Luncheon

I'm a little off schedule for the brown bag luncheons, since I wasn't able to present the staff one in February. So, yesterday I talked about these books at a library staff luncheon, open to staff of all three libraries. (It's my favorite meeting.)

Allen, Sarah Addison - The Girl Who Chased the Moon (Adult Fiction) When Emily Benedict arrives in the town of Mullaby, NC, she’s not prepared for the reaction of the town who rejected her mother, nor the magical town itself.

Berney, Lou – Gutshot Straight (Adult Fiction) A caper novel involving an ex-con, a kidnap victim, Las Vegas, and Panama. Who can you trust?

Brett, Regina – God Never Blinks (Adult Nonfiction) – 50 lessons for life’s little detours from the Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist.

Corrigan, Kelly – Lift (Adult Nonfiction) – Corrigan’s letter to her daughters, telling about her life, and her love for them.

Gilmour, David – The Film Club (Adult Nonfiction) A father allows his son to drop out of school, providing he watches 3 movies a week with his dad.

Hannah, Kristin – Winter Garden (Adult Fiction) The Whitson sisters are forced to confront each other, and their relationship with their Russian mother when their beloved father dies.

Harvey, Michael – The Third Rail (Adult Fiction) – Ex-cop, turned PI, Michael Kelly is on the platform at Chicago’s El when a shooter kills a woman. But, he suspects the spree that follows might be personal.

Kaufman, Thomas – Drink the Tea (Adult Fiction) Will Gidney’s childhood shouldn’t have led him to a career as a detective, but his past leads to a strange case of a missing daughter.

McKinlay, Jenn – Sprinkle with Murder (Paperback mystery) 1st in a new series, set in Scottsdale, when the owners of a cupcake bakery are catering a wedding, but the bride from hell ends up dead.

Morris, Bob – Baja Florida (Adult Fiction) Missing daughters seem to be a great problem this month, as Zack Chasteen searches for the daughter of a dying man.

Ramirez, Misa – Hasta la Vista, Lola! (Adult Fiction) When Lola Cruz, a private investigator, learns she’s supposed to be dead, she has to find why anyone would want to steal her identity.

Rogers, Stephen D. – Shot to Death (Adult Fiction) Crime short stories with twisted O. Henry-like endings.

Solheim, Beth – At Witt’s End (Adult Fiction) Sadie Witt, co-owner of a Minnesota resort, helps the dead on their next journey, until she finds a murder victim on her property.

Stanton, Mary – Avenging Angels (Paperback mystery) After law school, Brianna Winston-Beaufort inherited her uncle’s law firm, one that handles investigations for the death, as she defends them in the Celestial Courts.

Stepakoff, Jeffrey – Fireworks Over Toccoa (Adult Fiction) Lily Davis Woodward was only married a short time when her husband left for WWII. Just before his return, she meets a fireworks expert.

There's nothing any more fun at work than getting the chance to talk about books!


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I think talking about books would be the BEST thing about your job! And you've given us some great books to look out for on your list, Lesa. Thanks.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

Well, I started to write that it was my favorite part of the job, Elizabeth, but I love Authors @ The Teague when the authors come to the library, so it's a toss-up.

Mason Canyon said...

A lot of great books there. I can see how that would be a favorite meeting.

Thoughts in Progress

Lesa said...

It's just so much fun to talk about books, Mason. And, when someone in the group has read one of the titles, they get to talk about it as well. Makes for a fun hour.

Kay said...

Are you sure you can't film this and send it to me? You don't have to put it on YouTube! LOL

I love this event and I'm sure everyone that attends does too. You have a nice mix of books there. Something for everyone.

Lesa said...


Did you and Jen Forbus team up on this question? Jen's been asking me to film it. I'm not sure I can get away with it, since it's on library property, and we're dealing with Marketing and the city attorneys right now about social media. (sigh) If we ever get that straightened out, maybe I'll film it.