Sunday, February 28, 2010

April Hot Titles

This is only my list of forthcoming April titles that I think might be hot, possibilities for the bestseller lists. Do you have suggestions that didn't make my Treasures in the Closet list or the Hot Titles? I'd love to know your picks.

Meanwhile, here are ones you might want to order at your local bookstore or reserve at your public library.

Shaw, the shadowy operative from David Baldacci's The Whole Truth, returns in Deliver Us from Evil. A photojournalist, kidnapped and put on a plane, will come together with Shaw, as they face a surprising enemy.

Nowhere to Run is C.J. Box' latest Joe Pickett novel. Pickett is in his last week as the temporary game warden in Baggs, Wyoming. But, it's a strange week, with investigations of reports of looting, tent slashing, elk butchering, and a missing Olympic runner. If Pickett isn't careful, it might be not only his last week as a game warden, but also his last week of life.

Jim Butcher's Changes is the book I'm most excited about reading. I'm a big Harry Dresden fan. In Changes, Harry's former lover, Susan, is featured. She fled to South America to escape the vampires of the Red Court, but a duchess of the Red Court has discovered Susan's secret, and plans to use it against Harry.

Ty Hauck is a former police officer, now working for a global security firm. When there's a shocking triple murder in Greenwich, Connecticut, Ty is drawn into the case, since he knew the wife years earlier. His investigation brings up a number of uncomfortable questions for the dead man's firm, as well as Ty's security company, and the local police force. It's Reckless by Andrew Gross.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest completes the late Stieg Larsson's trilogy. Lisbeth Salander "lies in critical condition, a bullet wound to her head, in the intensive care unit of a Swedish city hospital. She’s fighting for her life in more ways than one: if and when she recovers, she’ll be taken back to Stockholm to stand trial for three murders." However, there are people working behind the scenes to prove her innocence.

There's an inviting cover for Debbie Macomber's latest book, Hannah's List. On the anniversary of his wife, Hannah's death, Dr. Michael Everett receives an unexpected letter from her. She wants him to marry again, and gives him the choice of three women she considers perfect for him.

The Women's Murder Club returns in The 9th Judgment by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro. A deranged killer is targeting women and children. And, Lindsay will be forced to put her life on the line before the investigation is over.

Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child team up again for Fever Dream. While sorting possessions following his wife's death, Special Agent Pendergast learns she was murdered, and uncovers secrets from her past.

Savor the Moment, the third book in Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet series, features Laurel McBane, the wedding baker. She's had a long infatuation with her best friend's brother, but the lawyer only views her as another sister.

John Sandford's latest, Storm Prey, finds Lucas Davenport's wife in danger. She drove into a parking garage, just as robbers fled, after robbing the hospital pharmacy and leaving a worker dead. The robbers don't know how much Weather Karkinnen saw, so they have to find and eliminate her.

Here's another of my "must-read" books, the new Monkeewrench novel by P.J. Tracy, Shoot to Thrill. Homicide cops respond to a call about the body of woman in a bridal gown found in the Mississippi River. But, it's only after the Monkeewrench crew is asked by the FBI to look at some murder videos on the web, that there's a connection between the video and the floating bride. Now, it's a race against time in an Internet search.

Jacqueline Winspear returns for Authors @ The Teague on April 7. She'll be discussing the latest Maisie Dobbs novel, The Mapping of Love and Death. Michael Clifton was mapping the land he has just purchased in California when war was declared in 1914, and the cartographer went to serve in the British army. He was declared missing in 1917, and now his parents ask Maisie to find the mysterious nurse who wrote love letters to Michael. When it becomes an investigation into Michael's murder, Maisie finds herself in danger.

Now, I know there's something here to entice you! What else are you waiting for in April?


Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Sounds like some goodies! I'm looking forward to the next in the Larsson books.

April is a huge birthday month for us! My son turns 13, and my mom and I both have birthdays. Always a busy month!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Anonymous said...

I've already read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. Wonderful. People will love it.

Looking forward to Debbie Macomber's book.

And then finally a book from P.J. Tracy. Finally.

Oh, and I still read Patterson's Women's Muder Club books, so I'll pick that up as well.

I need to get caught up on the Maisie Dobbs books at some point.

Thanks for sharing, Lesa!

Mason Canyon said...

These all look like great books. I've never read any of Jim Butcher's books, but I love the cover of Changes. That one is definitely going on my list to order. Is this a book that needs to be read in order or is it a stand alone that will just make you want to read the rest? Thanks for sharing.

Dru said...

All good books, some I have on my list. I've heard alot about the P.J. Tracy books. I just may give that one a read.

CindyD said...

I'm looking forward to ONE WAS A SOLDIER by Julia Spencer-Fleming, and I believe Nancy Picard has a new non-series coming out, THE SCENT OF RAIN AND LIGHTNING.

Judith said...

Laurie King's Bee Hive book (can't remember the exact title)

Dana Stabenow's A night too dark : a Kate Shugak novel

Robert Parker, Split Image

Ingrid King said...

I always enjoy Debbie Macomber's books. I still haven't read the first one in Nora Roberts' bride series, I'm really falling behind - too many wonderful books to choose from, not enough time!

Lesa said...

Birthdays in April for me as well, Elizabeth. Mine is April 1, and I'm celebrating by hosting Alan Bradley at the library. He's my birthday present! Not bad, huh? I share that birthday with my college roommate. And, Jim would have been 61 on April 11.

Lesa said...

My pleasure, Kay. Enjoy the books in April!

Lesa said...


The Dresden Files are books you really should read in order. You won't regret it! When I first discovered them, I tore through the books. Of course, there are a few more in the series now.

Lesa said...

Love the Monkeewrench books, Dru. It's been a few years since we had one.

Lesa said...

I didn't realize this was the month for Julia Spencer-Fleming's new book, Cindy. Thanks!

Lesa said...


Thanks for telling us which books you're looking forward to reading. I'm sure others will want to know about them!

Lesa said...

Definitely, too many good books, Ingrid. I'm already behind in my March reading, and it hasn't started yet!

Kaye Barley said...

A new Monkeewrench - Finally!!! Hooray Hooray! This is one of my very favorite series. And I'm looking forward to the newest in the Bride Quartet from Nora Roberts - they're delightful!
Hugs, Lesa!!!!

Lesa said...

Hugs, back, Kaye! I imagine you need them too, with the weather you've been getting. It would be perfect weather to read a wintry Monkeewrench book! I'm with you. I love this series.

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Lesa,

Here are my treasures for April:

Cat of the Century by
Rita Mae Brown 4/6/2010

The Black Cat (Richard Jury)
by Martha Grimes 4/6/2010

One Was A Soldier
by Julia Spencer-Fleming 4/13/10

The Body of Death (Thomas Lynley)
by Elizabeth George 4/20/2010

I really must look into some of the books that you recommended.

Bev Stephans

Lesa said...

Thank you, Bev! It's always interesting to see what others want to read. I'm looking forward to One Was a Soldier. I hadn't seen it on a list for April. We all have good titles to suggest for this month. Thanks!

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Lesa,

I just checked with Books A Million, Borders and Barnes & Noble online. They all show an April 13, 2010 release for One Was A Soldier.

Amazon shows the book, but no release date. There is a reason for that. One Was A Soldier is published by McMillan and if you remember, Amazon and McMillin are having a conflict. I think it's a pretty silly conflict as they both stand to lose readers over this.

Bev Stephans

Lesa said...

That's interesting, Bev. I thought that conflict had been settled, or if not settled, at least temporarily. Thanks for the information on the book!

Meen said...

Lesa, as always, thank you very much of your round up of April titles although at least some of those will without a doubt be released at a later date over here. It's good to be prepared. And a month with both a new Monkeywrench and a new Maisie Dobbs has to be a great month. I'm looking forward to those two books.

Lesa said...

I'm looking forward to them as well, Maureen! Well, our American titles might be released a little later in Ireland, but there are books released over there that I'm jealous because you get first!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to tell you that I read on DorothyL that someone had contacted Julia Spencer-Fleming and One Was a Soldier has been delayed because of health and family issues. The book will be out before 2012, but she wasn't sure when.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Liz! I wondered why I hadn't received an ARC from St. Martin's, or read about it in my McNaughton catalog. Appreciate it!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Liz! I wondered why I hadn't received an ARC from St. Martin's, or read about it in my McNaughton catalog. Appreciate it!

Bev Stephans said...

Oh dear, will I ever read this book!

I'm sorry to hear that Julia Spencer-Fleming is having hearlth and family issues. I do hope these work out for her. She is such a good author.

Lesa said...

I agree, Bev. And, it seems as if we've been waiting for this book for a long time!