Friday, January 08, 2010

The Ultimate NASCAR Insider's Track Guide by Liz Allison

If anyone is qualified to write The Ultimate NASCAR Insider's Track Guide: Everything You Need to Plan Your Race Weekend, it's Liz Allison. The widow of driver Davey Allison, she has made a name for herself in NASCAR, as a reporter and fan. She a former television correspondent for NASCAR Sprint Cup events, and has written five books on racing, as well as a NASCAR romance series with Harlequin. She certainly knows her way around the tracks.

Allison reminds readers that for thirty-eight weekends out of the year, NASCAR drivers, crews and fans invade cities all over the U.S. So, her book tells fans how to make the most of their experiences as they follow their favorite drivers on the Sprint circuit. She covers everything from what track to attend to how to buy tickets. Caution flags are warnings for fans, what to beware of in buying tickets or attending events. That includes fake tickets, children's tickets, and motels with minimum stays. There are even tips for using the restroom.

After the general opening, information for all tracks, Allison's guide is broken into one chapter per track, information specific to each track, such as history, size, and ticket information. If you're planning to attend Daytona or PIR (Phoenix International Raceway), all the necessary information is covered from local hotels and camping to restaurants, attractions in the area, shopping, and churches. Everything is provided to allow fans to have a pleasant experience, no matter where they go to watch a race.

Liz Allison's The Ultimate NASCAR Insider's Track Guide is a comprehensive, well-organized guide that should be in the collection of any fan that attends NASCAR races.

The Ultimate NASCAR Insider's Track Guide: Everything You Need to Plan Your Race Weekend by Liz Allison. Center Street, ©2010. ISBN 9781599957111 (paperback), 384p.

FTC Full Disclosure - The review copy was sent to me by the publisher, in hopes I would review the book.

Item eight about me - Allison is on target for Phoenix restaurants. She highlights Pappadeaux's, my favorite restaurant in the area. Great Cajun food, great service - a favorite.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Looks like a winner for the NASCAR fan!

Lesa, I know you mentioned enjoying NASCAR. Do they have races anywhere close by AZ, or do you watch on TV?

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Lesa said...

It is a winner, Elizabeth. Yes, they do have NASCAR races within a half hour of my house - PIR (Phoenix International Raceway) is in Avondale. They have races there twice a year, and Jim took me there as a birthday present last year. I also watch all the races on TV (the Nationwide & Truck races as well).

Jody said...

This sounds like an ideal present for my husband. We've been to Daytona and to the Kansas Speedway. Daytona - fun races, pitiful bathroom facilities. Kansas - fun races, absolutely great & clean bathroom facilities.

Lesa said...

I think any NASCAR fan who attends races would appreciate the book, Jody. It's filled with information about each location. Nice to hear about the bathrooms in Kansas, too!

Bev said...

Awesome. I wish we had this book when we went to Vegas. It was such a confusing mess. When my son was attending UTI in Phoenix, we went to PIR. Great track and the rattlesnakes on the hill always add excitement to the day. Best seats in my opinion are at turn 4 Who's your favorite driver, Lesa?

Lesa said...

You should pick up a copy, Bev. As a paperback, it isn't too expensive. PIR is a great track, isn't it? I've only been once, and we sat at the start line.

Favorite driver(s) - Jeff Gordon because I liked him first, and then Jimmie Johnson. I liked Hendrick Motorsports.

Bev said...

Lesa, PIR is a great track. I'm right there with on Jeff Gordon. He's been my favorite since 1992. I like Jimmie Johnson and admire even for winning 4 times but having said that, I think the Chase format needs to change. As for the Hendrick stable, I'm pulling for Mark Martin to win this year. He's awesome.

Lesa said...

Oh, I agree with you, Bev. The Chase format does need to change, but I couldn't tell you what would make it better. Didn't Mark Martin do a fantastic job this year? He is awesome!

NASCAR News said...

I love this guide, I wish that it was available on amazon. I think that she gives good advice on buying NASCAR tickets
, she recommended a good place to find premium tickets as well. I give this book an A+

Lesa said...

Thank you, NASCAR News, for stopping by, and for recommending the book for tickets. It's nice to have someone else recommend it, too.