Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Tidbits

DorothyL went on hiatus, and blogging seems to be slowing down this time of year. Everyone seems to have their lists of favorite books, or favorite Christmas food. But, there are a few tidbits to share this week.

Janet Rudolph collected, and compiled, The Best Mysteries of 2009 lists from a number of reviewers, bloggers, and bookstores. It's a great place to pick up titles you might have missed during the year. You can find it here.

Do either of these book covers look familiar?

I gave away Mark Coggins' book just last week. And, I reviewed Death Was in the Picture. But, both books are being recognized for another reason, their cover art. The Rap Sheet is holding it's annual "Best Crime Fiction covers" competition, and you can vote. Pick your favorite from twelve covers.

If you're going to miss your mystery suggestions, with DorothyL on vacation, check out Janet Rudolph's list of Christmas mysteries. There are five different posts, but you can get to them from here. There are enough Christmas mysteries to keep you entertained this Christmas, and, probably, for the rest of your life!

As the East Coast braces for snow this weekend, England already has it. And, Dan Waddell says they don't know what to do there with snow. If you haven't yet checked out the blog, Murder is Everywhere, now's your chance.

You're already seen my list of favorite books of 2009. Stacy Alesi, the Bookbitch, reads tons of thrillers, as compared to the mysteries I read. So, here's Stacy's favorite books of 2009.

A little of something for everyone this week, ranging from Christmas mysteries to cover art. Enjoy your Sunday Tidbits!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great tidbits to check out!

I think the two covers are really interesting and they both have a retro feel about them (one, because it IS set in an earlier time.) I love looking at covers and will have to check out the cover contest.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. And, you have ten more covers to look at! The other sites are fun this week, as well.

Mason Canyon said...

As always you've provided some wonderful new sites to check out, as well as an interesting competition.

I like the book covers. They remind me of the Earle Stanley Gardner books my Mother use to collect (Perry Mason series). The original are so hard to find now. She donated all of hers to the library many years ago.
Thanks again for the great tidbits.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Mason! Are you collecting those Earl Stanley Gardner books now? It's a shame, if you are, since your mother donated them. My sister and I read so many of them. Loved the TV series! Probably the first crime show I ever watched, although the Mickey Mouse Club did have some mysteries on it.

Mason Canyon said...

I have started collecting some, since she past away I guess as a way to connect. At the time she donated them, I wasn't into reading that much even though I love the TV series. That's where the Mason (Mason Canyon) comes from, my love of a lawyer that could solve any murder and make the killer confess.

Maria said...

Merry Christmas, Lesa!!!

Beth Hoffman said...

Oh, my gosh ... could the covers be any more 40s? Love them! The cover for PEEPSHOW is simply fabulous.

Terrific post as always, Lesa!

Lesa said...

Oh, Mason. That is such a nice way to connect with your mother, and to remember what she loved. She probably was the person who encouraged your love of reading. Good luck in collecting more of them!

Lesa said...

Merry Christmas, Maria! Thank you. I have two weeks off for the holidays - time with Jim and the cats, time to see a few movies, and read and relax. I'm ready!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth. It's always fun to introduce readers to a few sites they might not have seen, or remind them of a few forgotten ones. I like this Sunday Tidbits subject. I just hope I have enough tidbits every Sunday to keep it going.

Clea Simon said...

I love retro covers, personally, so am happy to see these getting attention. And while I haven't read the other (yet), I completely and totally recommend Linda L. Richards. Her books are always wonderful and this one has a heroine we can all relate to!

Happy holiday-of-your-choice! Happy DL hiatus!

Lesa said...

I loved Linda Richards' book as well. I didn't read the earlier one, and I hate to go back when I know too much in a series.

I'm celebrating Christma, Clea. Enjoy your holiday as well!