Wednesday, December 02, 2009

January Hot Titles

January's forthcoming books, the hot titles people will be reading and talking about, includes an eclectic mix. It should be a fun month.

Detective Sonchai Jimplecheep only wants to lead a life dedicated to Buddha. So, it's a distraction to have to solve the murder of a famous Hollywood director in District 8. John Burdett doesn't make it easy for his detective in The Godfather of Kathmandu.

Poor Little Bitch Girl is the latest from Jackie Collins. Five high school friends went their separate ways after graduation, but the death of Annabelle's movie star mother, shot to death, brings them back together. Past secrets return to haunt them.

January 12 is the release date for Robert Crais' The First Rule. Frank Meyer's good life was destroyed when professional killers murdered his whole family. Could Meyer's past life, working as a mercenary with a man named Joe Pike, have led to the murders? Pike and Elvis Cole investigate, only to be caught up in ancient grudges, blackmail, and vengeance.

Tim Dorsey, a Florida favorite, returns with Gator A-Go-Go. Serge A. Storms and his deputy, Coleman, planned a vacation, but when a snitch's college-age son heads for the beach with a Miami crime gang on his trail, Serge follows. It's a trail that takes readers on a tour of Florida's historic landmarks.

Steve Hamilton's standalone, The Lock Artist, introduces Michael, a mute orphan, who became a hot commodity when his talent for opening locks was discovered. He was always on the run until he decided to find the only person he ever loved, and face the secret that kept him mute after his survival of an act of violence when he was eight.

I'm not sure if Kristin Hannah's Winter Garden is due out in January or the beginning of February, but the cover is too gorgeous to pass up. Meredith Whitson and her sister Nina are so different they are only connected by a Russian fairy tale told by their mother, Anya. But, a deathbed promise to their father takes them on a journey into Anya's life, and a secret.

I'm looking forward to another book by a Florida author, Bob Morris' Baja Florida. It's hard to resist his character, Zack Chasteen. Zack's been a pro football player for the Miami Dolphins, an ex-con (pardoned), and owner of Chasteen's Palm Tree Nursery. Now, when a friend is dying, he's asked to look for his estranged daughter. The last man who looked for her, a private investigator, is missing, and the girl's trail may lead to pirates in the Bahamas.

What do four murders, three accidents, and two suicides have in common? Dr. Nick Garrity, a vet suffering from PTSD, is the only surviving member of an operating team. They're all dead, following a fatally botched case, and Nick might be next. He's The Last Surgeon, in Michael Palmer's novel.

Police Chief Jesse Stone, and P.I. Sunny Randall, join forces in Robert B. Parker's Split Image. A body in a trunk appears to be a mob hit, but when a second crime figure in found dead in Paradise Beach, Stone has a problem on his hands. He and Sunny soon find they have more than an investigation in common.

In T. Jefferson Parker's Iron River, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Charlie Hood is working the California-Mexico border, searching for the entry spot for illegal weapons, when he uncovers a close personal connection.

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge bring back Detective Micahel Bennett, the father of ten, in Worst Case. Bennett teams up with FBI agent Emily Parker in an attempt to catch the mastermind who has abducted and murdered the children of some of Manhattan's wealthiest citizens.

Thereby Hangs a Tail is one of the books I'm most looking forward to reading it January. It's the follow-up to Spencer Quinn's bestseller, Dog On It. Chet, the dog, and his human companion, Bernie, investigate when threats are made against a pampered show dog. When the dog's owner is abducted, and a reporter disappears, the case turns serious. Of course, how serious can Chet take any disappearance?

In Ian Rankin's Doors Open, three friends attending an art auction have a chance encounter with a crime boss. Looking for excitement, two suggest they "liberate" some paintings. Soon, the three men are caught up in double crosses, and more excitement than they can handle.

For J. D. Robb fans, there's a new Lt. Eve Dallas book, Fantasy in Death. Eve and her team has a problem finding the killer, in a world where fantasy was the ultimate seduction, and the price of defeat was death.

And, for all of us who are Adriana Trigiani fans, the second Valentine Roncalli novel will be out on Feb. 2, Brava, Valentine. Yes, it's not January, but you don't want to miss the changes in Valentine's life as she takes over the Angelini Shoe Company. It's too bad her stuffy brother is her business partner.

I'm looking forward to a number of these titles. I hope you find one or two that captures your interest.


Jen Forbus said...

Squeeeeeellllll! I'm looking forward to several of these titles, too...especially THE FIRST RULE. I know that's a huge shocker! Ha! I also have THE LOCK ARTIST, and I'm interested to see Parker team Sonny and Jesse! So much good stuff to start off the new year!! :)

Lesa said...

Nope. Not a shocker at all, Jen, that you're waiting for Robert Crais' book. (smile) January looks terrific, doesn't it?

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Wow! January is shaping up to be a really good release month!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

I think January looks overwhelming, Elizabeth, but it should be fun!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing collection of books to kick off the year! Lesa, thanks for sharing.

I've officially become a "Craisie" and even though I've already read THE FIRST RULE I can't wait to see it in stores. I can't suggest highly enough that everyone see Crais on tour as he's absolutely fabulous in person (in addition to his words on the page - wow!).


Lesa said...

Thanks, Lydia!

I don't have time to go see everyone I would like to see, so it's always nice to hear someone recommend an author to go see. I appreciate it!

Richard Mabry said...

Wow, I'm going to buy lots of books next month. New titles from Michael Palmer, Robert Parker, T Jefferson Parker, and Robert Crais. Good winter-time reading ahead. Thanks for the tips.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Richard! Those publishers know when to schedule exciting books - when people are stuck at home with winter weather, and appreciate a book in which the main character has to sweat.

Tania said...

What a way to bring in the new year! I'm looking forward to a number of the books you mentioned, especially THE FIRST RULE (*drool*), THE LOCK ARTIST, and THEREBY HANGS A TAIL.

Lesa said...

There are a number of you drooling over The First Rule, Tania. Chet and I are drooling over Thereby Hangs a Tail. I'm sure he's drooling much more than I am.

Michael Palmer said...

Thanks for the mention of THE LAST SURGEON, Lesa. You can get an exclusive preview of the novel by becoming a fan on Facebook: and by following me on Twitter:

Lesa said...

Thank you, Michael! I'm sure there will be a number of us either becoming a fan, or following you on Twitter. Good luck with The Last Surgeon!

le0pard13 said...

Yes, it's going to be quite a January, Lesa :-).

Lesa said...

I hope we all have plenty of time to read in January, le0pard13.

Luanne said...

Ohh I didn't know there was a new Robert Crais - thanks!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Luanne. That Robert Crais title looks popular!