Friday, November 13, 2009

The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson

Most Christmas books have messages of love, missed love, and salvation in unexpected forms. They're often simple stories, with little need to review. Melody Carlson's The Christmas Dog falls into this category.

Betty Kowalski is a scared, lonely, elderly widow. Her neighborhood is changing. The house once owned by beloved neighbors is now owned by Jack Jones, and he's been nothing but trouble for Betty. He works in the house in the middle of the night, has junk around the yard, and fought over the ramshackle fence that separates their yards. She's afraid of him, and suspects she'd be better off if she sold her house, and moved to Florida with her daughter.

Betty's routine is thrown off when two waifs show up at her door. The first is a mongrel dog she suspects belongs to Jack, because it's just the kind of dirty, ill-kept mutt that he'd own. The other is her step-granddaughter, Avery, a twenty-three-year-old young woman who fought with her mother, and took off hitchhiking, ending up on Betty's door. Both Avery and the dog stretch Betty's limited budget, but she loves Avery, and takes her in. She reluctantly agrees to take in the dog when Avery offers to clean him up and care for him.

Carlson's story tells of three lonely people, and a dog who brings them together. It's a story of love, and rescue. Betty realizes she's made mistakes. "Love had come scratching at Betty's door in the form of a little brown dog, and she had completely missed it. She'd had her chance to welcome it, to receive it, and she had slammed the door in its face." But, as in so many warm books of the season, love, and messages, come in unexpected forms. In Betty Kowalski's case, it comes in the form of an unlikely messenger, The Christmas Dog.

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The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson. Baker Publishing Group, ©2009. ISBN 9780800718817 (hardcover), 176p.


Yvonne said...

This sounds wonderful! Excellent review.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like a cute book!

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Clea Simon said...

Sounds very sweet - though, of course, I wonder why it couldn't be a cat!!

Ingrid King said...

I'm sure a cat would make the book even better :-)

This sounds like another good holiday read - at this rate, I won't be getting anything done this holiday season because I'll be reading all these wonderful books you're reviewing here!

Lesa said...

Well, I agree with Ingrid and Clea! A cat would have been better.

You think you're bad, Ingrid? I have a pile of those Christmas books in my spare bedroom, along with all of the mysteries I normally read!