Friday, October 09, 2009

Stuart Kaminsky, R.I.P.

Once again, the mystery world has lost one of its own. Stuart Kaminsky died today at the age of 75. He was a Grandmaster of the Mystery Writers of America, and the author of over sixty books, including books featuring Toby Peters, a private detective in 1940s Hollywood; Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov, a Moscow police inspector; and veteran Chicago police officer Abe Lieberman. My favorite series was a more recent one, featuring Lew Fonesca, a process server from Chicago who ended up in Sarasota, Florida after his wife's death.

Stuart Kaminsky was one of the authors kind enough to appear at the Lee County Reading Festival when I was Chair of Authors Programming. His daughter won't remember it, but she accompanied him to the reception and the festival, and charmed everyone.

He's another one of our mystery writers who will be missed.

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