Friday, October 02, 2009

November Hot Titles

This month there are many more November hot titles than books in my closet, so I'll reverse the order. Today is for the expected hot titles, and then Christmas releases. Tomorrow, I'll feature the Treasures in My Closet.

I don't usually discuss nonfiction titles, but one this month is perfect for this audience. Lisa Scottoline is known as a crime novelist to many of us, but she also does a column for the Philadelphia Inquirer. Her new book, Why My third Husband will be a Dog (The Amazing Adventures of an Ordinary Woman), is a collection of seventy of those essays. I've read her essay about being caught braless in the emergency room, so I know how funny Scottoline can be. She provides a woman's perspective of family, pets, and the pursuit of blue jeans.

Fiction hot titles kicks off with Sandra Brown's Rainwater. Ella Barron is an efficient mother, and owner of a Texas boarding house. But, her life changes when she rents one of her rooms to the dying Dr. David Rainwater.

Sue Grafton brings back Kinsey Millhone in U is for Undertow. Kinsey's new client wants her to look into the disappearance of a four-year-old girl twenty-one years earlier. Michael Sutton claims to have stumbled over her body when he was only six, but he isn't exactly the most truthful client.

I've seen Tami Hoag's Deeper than the Dead with two publication dates, a November one, and a late December date. It's covered now, so you don't miss it. The body count begins to rise as Special Agent Tony Mendez launches a search for a serial killer nicknamed "The See No Evil Killer."

It might not be a hot title by The Morning Show is definitely one you'll want to know about. The Today Show's Al Roker and co-author Dick Lochte introduce readers to Billy Blessing, an on-air personality, celebrity chef, and main suspect in the death of his producer. It's up to Billy to prove he isn't a killer, and find the real one.

To be honest, there are many more Christmas titles coming out in November than books by the traditional "big" names.

Cecelia Ahern's The Gift is the story of Lou Suffern, working so hard he's losing his family, and, as Christmas approaches, he's starting to resemble Scrooge. But, a homeless man changes his understanding of the gift of time.

Emily Brightwell brings us Mrs. Jeffries & the Yuletide Weddings. Inspector Witherspoon has a hard time getting into the holiday spirit with two weddings and a Christmas murder.

When coffee house manager and head barista Clare Cosi finds finds Santa Claus lying dead in the snow, she also finds clues that convince her it's more than a mugging. But, Santa's list didn't have nice people on it, it's up to her to find the killer. Clare Cosi stars in Cleo Coyle's Holiday Grind.

Kate Jacobs brings back members of The Friday Night Knitting Club in Knit the Season. It's a story of family bonds and happy memories, shared both in Scotland and New York.

Highly Favored is T.D. Jakes' first Christmas-themed book, a collection of stories that deliver a holiday message, and a survivor's guide.

Garrison Keillor's A Christmas Blizzard tells of a wealthy yet depressed man
who is called home to North Dakota just in time to be caught in a winter blizzard. When the electricity goes out, it becomes a time of reflection and memories.

Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer join forces for A Wish for Christmas. David returns from his military service in Afghanistan to find that his home in Cape Light has changed, and he has trouble getting into the Christmas spirit.

Here's an unusual story, Three Wise Cats (A Christmas Story) by Harold M. Konstantelos and Terry Jenkins-Brady. It's the story of Ptolemy, an old Siamese cat, who sends three young cats and a rat to follow a star to a humble stable, where they witness the first Christmas.

A Blue and Gray Christmas is part of Joan Medlicott's Ladies of Covington series. A dented tin box containing letters and diaries written by two Civil War soldiers is uncovered during some excavation in Covington.

So, place your library holds now on the November hot titles and the Christmas books. Or, order them from your favorite bookstore. Happy Reading!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Thanks for this list, Lesa! I'm opening up my library's website right now...

Mystery Writing is Murder

bermudaonion said...

Ooh, I want that Lisa Scottoline book!

Lesa said...

I hope they have the titles you're looking for, Elizabeth!

Lesa said...

Me, too, Bermudaonion. I think it's going to be fun.

Kaye Barley said...

The Lisa Scottoline book just scooted to the top of my list of "gotta reads!" Thanks, Lesa!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Kaye. I thought the Lisa Scottoline title might grab some interest here.

Kaye said...

Ha, my cousin and I were wondering what Grafton would come up with for U. V will be easy but U, we were clueless but thanks to you, no more. It's on the list as well as Scottoline. I just adore her writing.

Your blog is dangerous. Every time I come here my list gets longer and longer and... well, you get the picture. You have such great recommendations. Thanks!

Lori's Reading Corner said...

I read an ARC of Knit The Season and I thought it was fantastic. I loved the first one and thought the second one was ok, but she comes back strong in the third book in this series.

holdenj said...

The Scottoline book looks great and thanks for some holiday titles!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Kaye. I love having a dangerous blog! I love to enable people to find more books!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Lori! It's always great to hear what people think of the titles who have had a chance to read them. Appreciate it!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Holdenj! It's nice to give people some new holiday titles to look for.

Ingrid King said...

Ever since I started following your blog, my TBR list has gotten out of control (and I love it)! I'm really looking forward to Lisa Scottoline's book, I love her mysteries and it's always fun to get to see another side of an author you love. And I will definitely add Three Wise Cats to my Christmas wish list!

Lesa said...

Ah, Ingrid. My TBR pile is out of control, too. I wish I could get to all of the books I mention here. Just too many books. Hard to work a full-time job, and keep up with all of the books I'd like to read. I'm not complaining! I need that full-time job. But, the books sure are appealing.