Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Gift of Murder, edited by John M. Floyd

It seems a little early to review a Christmas book when I still have books with Halloween themes to read, but The Gift of Murder needed to be reviewed now. Each year, Tony Burton and Wolfmont Press publish an intriguing collection of holiday crime stories, with the proceeds to benefit Toys for Tots. The Gift of Murder is the fourth anthology. And, if Tony is to write a check at the beginning of December, people need to know about the book now.

The Gift of Murder is a treat for anyone who enjoys short stories. There is an enjoyable mix of styles from nineteen different authors. Stefanie Lazer's "Red Christmas," the story of a woman determined to the this year's "hottest toy" for her kids, has an interesting twist. I loved Randy Rawls' "Jingle Bell, S.I.," the story of an elf who is a Santa Investigator. Two of my favorite stories were by Earl Staggs and Kris Neri, similar stories involving children, and memories. Then there's Herschel Cozine's An Inconvenient Killing, a story that breaks the heart of anyone who ever believed at Christmastime.

Treat yourself or a family member or friend to a collection of holiday stories with a crime twist. It's a pleasant book for mystery fans, and it will benefit children. What a wonderful way to put yourself in a holiday spirit.

The Gift of Murder by John M. Floyd (editor), Wolfmont Press, ©2009. ISBN 9781603640107 (paperback), 278p.

The book can be purchased from your favorite bookstore, or you can contact to order a copy.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

What a great service they're providing for kids! I enjoy short stories (sometimes they're the only stories I have time for), so I'll be sure to pick up a copy. Thanks!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Elizabeth. I'm with you. I enjoy mystery short stories. And, this is a nice, and a worthwhile, collection.

Beth Groundwater said...

You can tell from my blurb on the back that I loved it, too. It's a great collection of stories, and the fact that it raises money for a good cause makes it even better.

Amy said...

Thanks for telling us about this book Lesa! I love what it's for and I think I'll look for it..I generally like my holiday stories to be a bit more cozy, but this might good for late November. ;)

Lesa said...

Thank you, Beth. It is a very nice collection of holiday stories, isn't it? Yes, certainly it's for a good cause.

Lesa said...

Amy, I don't think you'll be disappointed in these holiday stories. There are a couple, in particular, that certainly have the holiday spirit.

Tony Burton said...


Thanks for your kind words, and for helping to get the word out about The Gift of Murder. And if you're a Kindle reader, I'm hoping Amazon has it up in Kindle format soon. (They seem sort of slow at times!)

Tony Burton

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Tony. I really enjoyed the book, and I know others will as well. Thank you for all you do for Toys for Tots!