Saturday, October 31, 2009

December Treasures in My Closet

I only have eight December treasures in my closet, books scheduled for December release. Actually, that's great. It gives me time to catch up on my backlist of books. But, in that box are a few of my favorite authors.

Robin Burcell brings back Special Agent Sydney Fitzpatrick, forensic artist to the FBI, in The Bone Chamber. Sydney's working on a case, when her friend and assistant is killed in a hit-and-run, and a covert government team takes over the investigation. But, Sydney knows her friend's murder is linked to her original case, and she continues to investigate.

Anthony J. Cardieri's debut crime novel, Luck of the Draw, is set at Christmastime in New York City. But, it's not going to be a happy Christmas when the city is terrorized by a vicious killer, wiping out entire families. And, Detective Deke Durgess' investigation doesn't go exactly as planned.

Daphne du Maurier turns sleuth in a new series by Joanna Challis, beginning with Murder on the Cliffs. The young Daphne du Maurier finds a body on the cliffs in Cornwall, and can't resist the mystery. It's fresh inspiration for her writing, and she is fascinated by the allure of grand houses and long buried secrets.

Eggs Benedict Arnold is the second Cackleberry Club mystery by Laura Childs. Suzanne, Toni, and Petra opened the Cackleberry Club Cafe, but they're also working as sleuths. When Suzanne delivers a pie to the local funeral home, she finds a corpse, and ends up drugged with chloroform. It's up to the women to find a killer before one of them ends up dead.

Doesn't Holly Jacobs have the greatest cover for her Christmas romance, Everything But a Christmas Eve? Nana Vancy Bashalde Salo is bored now that the family curse is broken, so friends convince her to try her hand at matchmaking. We're guaranteed a warm, charming romance with another book in this Everything But...series.

Stan Jones brings us the latest Nathan Active mystery, Village of the Ghost Bears. Alaska State Trooper Active must figure out the connections between a dead hunter on a remote Arctic lake, a year old fatal plane crash, and a fire that claimed eight people.

According to his editor, Barbara Peters, Frederick Ramsay's Predators "is Donald E. Westlake meets Alexander McCall Botswana." But, it's a rougher landscape than Smith's Botswana. There's a parallel between an aging lion, and an aging CEO, Leo Painter, in a story of greed and ambition, with enormous stakes at risk.

And, of course, there's Betty Webb's latest Lena Jones mystery, Desert Lost. It's a story we've been waiting for, that of Arizona's "lost boys." These are the boys who are expelled from Second Zion, an infamous polygamy cult in northern Arizona. The secrets of Lena's own past converge with her investigation, and a friend's problems that take the investigator to Beverly Hills. It's sure to be another powerful story from Webb.

So, can I entice you with any of these treasures? If not, tomorrow's blog will feature some hot titles. I'm sure you'll find a book or two to excite you in one of these lists.


Cathy said...

I'm a long-time fan of Betty Webb, so you can certainly entice me with Desert Lost!

Lesa said...

You've probably been reading Betty Webb's books longer than I have, Cathy, since I only discovered her five years ago. But, I'm looking forward to this one, too!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

These books look really good!

I love the idea of finding a body at a funeral home! Sleuth must have been wondering if it was just a mislaid body or one that shouldn't have been there. I'll pick up Laura's book, for sure. Thanks!

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

Oh, but, Elizabeth. I didn't tell you who that body is. It'll make perfect sense!

Jen Forbus said...

I'm definitely reading Robin Burcell's new Syndey Fitzpatrick. I loved FACE OF A KILLER.

LUCK OF THE DRAW sounds like a good one, and PREDATORS has my interest piqued. Michael Stanley's books are set in Botswana and they've been compared to Smith, but edgier...Smith is more cozy, Michael Stanley more hardboiled.

Sounds like a closet full of fun presents for you this December, Lesa...oh my...I still can't believe December is THAT close! Yikes!

Ingrid King said...

Everything But a Christmas Eve is going right to the top of the TBR list. And you're right, what a great cover! I'm accumulating the best holiday season reading list ever thanks to your suggestions.

Lesa said...


I can't believe December is that close, either. I'm not ready for December. Plus, I just love Thanksgiving. And, we haven't even had Trick-or-Treat yet. That's tonight.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Ingrid. And, I had intended to wait until after Thanksgiving to start Christmas book reviews, but the books are already coming out, so I'll be starting later next week. That should help you!