Tuesday, September 01, 2009

October Treasures in My Closet

There are some terrific October releases in my closet, so I won't waste any time getting to the books. Here are the books in the October pile, fiction first.

If you're a fan of historical fiction, Sourcebooks, Inc. has been reprinting books by one of my favorite authors, Margaret Campbell Barnes. The Tudor Rose is a novel about Elizabeth of York. Two of England's most powerful men want to control her destiny, and her claim to the throne. One is her uncle, Richard, the last Plantagenet king, and the otter is Henry Tudor, the exiled king.

The publisher claims Michael Baron's romantic novels are reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks' books. When You Went Away tells of a man whose wife died, his teenage daughter ran away, and he's alone with an infant son when a woman walks into his life.

Final Approach is the debut novel for Rachel Brady. Emily Locke has almost rebuilt her life after the tragic loss of her husband and infant daughter, when a private investigator asks for her help in a case that may lead to answers as to the disappearance of a young boy, and, maybe, answers to the fate of her own daughter.

James Dashner's The Maze Runner tells of Thomas, a boy who wakes up in the Glade, with no memory of his previous life. Every thirty days a new boy is delivered, and every morning, doors open to a maze, where no one wants to be after dark. But, when a girl appears for the first time in the Glade, she brings a surprising message that compels Thomas to look for answers.

Sheer Folly is the latest Daisy Dalrymple mystery by Carola Dunn. When Daisy and her friend head off for several days at a stately home, in order to work on a book, they're caught up in a murder investigation when a grotto explodes.

Scary Stuff is the sixth book in Sharon Fiffer's Jane Wheel mystery series. When she visits her brother in California, she's intrigued by a case of mistaken identity - he's been accused of being a swindler on eBay, until the accusers realized he wasn't the right guy. Suddenly, Jane's cases are a little too close to home for comfort.

Kerry Greenwood brings back her baker/sleuth, Corinna Chapman, in Trick or Treat. If she can't find a way through a maze of health regulations, missing boyfriends, sinister strangers, fraudulent companies and back-alley ambushes, it might be the end of Earthly Delights Bakery.

Libby Fischer Hellman will appear for Authors @ The Teague on Wednesday, Oct. 28 at 10 AM to talk about her October release, Doubleback. Doubleback reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman as they investigate a woman's death, tracking leads from Chicago to northern Wisconsin to Arizona border towns. Missing money, illegal immigrants, smuggled drugs, and an independent contractor lead to trouble for Georgia and Ellie.

David's Revenge is Hans Werner Kettenbach's story of the destruction of a school teacher's family when David Ninoshvili arrives from war-torn Georgia. Suspicions and secrets cause fear, then panic in Christian Kestner, as he watches David's relationship with Christian's family. And, even the most rational person can become a monster when filled with fear and panic.

Rizzo's War is a debut thriller by Lou Manfredo. It's a novel receiving a great deal of prepublication buzz. Veteran NYPD cop Joe Rizzo is not a good cop; he's a great copy. After a year working together in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, his partner, Mike McQueen understands Rizzo's lesson. "There's no wrong. There's not right. There's just us."

Peter May's China thrillers have won critical acclaim throughout the world. Chinese Whispers features a brutal killer, the Beijing Ripper. Li Yan, the head of Beijing's serious crime squad receives personal letters from the killer, so his partnership with American pathologist Margaret Campbell is vital if they're to find their deadliest enemy.

The Ghosts of Belfast by Stuart Neville is the first in a series set in Northern Ireland featuring former IRA killer Gerry Fegan. He's being haunted by the ghosts of twelve of his innocent victims, and they only way to appease them is to kill the men who gave him his orders.

I'm one of Louise Penny's biggest fans, so I'm ashamed to say I missed the September release of her latest Chief Inspector Gamache novel, The Brutal Telling. But, I think the publication was moved up to September 22 because all of the ARCs say "Coming October '09". It doesn't matter when it arrives. I'm just thrilled we have two Armand Gamache crime novels this year, so we'll be on the same publication schedule as Canada now. Once again, Gamache and his team return to Three Pines, when a stranger is found murdered in the village bistro.

Hex in High Heels is the latest fun paranormal book by Linda Wisdom. Feisty witches, hunky shape-shifters, unruly elves, and a sexy book. It's sure to be an enjoyable October treat.

Elizabeth Zelvin brings back recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler and his friends in Death Will Help You Leave Him. They have to join forces to find a killer when a friend becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her abusive boyfriend. Liz will be the guest blogger on my blog on October 22, so I hope you'll check back then!

I only have two memoirs in the October pile. I'm really excited about Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen. After Janzen's husband left her for Bob, a guy he met online, she returned to her parents' home in the Mennonite community. Her emails to her friends about the life there led to this memoir.

Andy Williams, one of the most popular and beloved entertainers in the last half of the twentieth century, tells his story in Moon River and Me.

And, once again this month, I have a couple Christmas stories. Debbie Macomber's The Perfect Christmas is sure to be a bestseller. Cassie Beaumont's Christmas would be perfect if she could meet her perfect match. At thirty-three, she's getting desperate, so she asks help from a professional matchmaker, a man who assigns her three Christmas tasks to complete before she can meet the man of her dreams.

Kat Martin's The Christmas Lock is the story of a young boy whose wish to buy a Victorian clock sets off a chain of events that will lead to Christmas magic in a tiny Michigan town.

Witches, mysteries, memoirs, Christmas books. I have a full October just with the treasures in my closet. Maybe you'll find a title you like here. If not, check out the other October releases in tomorrow's blog.


♥Jen♥ said...

Doubleback is fabulous! I'll be reviewing that one later this month, and like you Lesa, I'm thrilled for the new book by Louise Penny. I've absolutely fallen in love with Three Pines and all its inhabitants this year. Like the John Ceepak series, I'm reading one right after the other because I simply can't get enough!! :)

And there are quite a few new titles here I haven't heard of...have to look into those one! Thanks for sharing! :)

bermudaonion said...

Those are treasures. Scary stuff looks especially fun!

Lesa said...

Jen, I love sharing book possibilities! Hopefully, everyone who reads the blog will find something of interest.

Lesa said...

They are treasures, aren't they, Bermudaonion? Love the cover of Scary Stuff!

Diane said...

And you kept them quiet this long? lol I also have a BRUTAL Telling. Enjoy your books; they look great.

Lesa said...

Oh, Diane, I get so excited about them, but I already have some treasures for next January. So, I just carefully put them in the proper boxes, and hide them until the month before. Then, even I have a new box of treasures!

Tice Belmont said...

The cover of The Tudor Rose is enough to make me dying to read it!

Lesa said...

Gorgeous cover, isn't it, Tice? I always loved Barnes' novels.