Saturday, August 01, 2009

September Treasures in My Closet

It's always fun to share the books in my closet with you. These are the books scheduled for publication in September.

Turkish author Selçuk Altun brings us Many and Many A Year Ago, the story of a pilot who crashes in a test flight. An acquaintance loans him an opulent apartment, but it comes with a price. He's set on a wild goose chase on the trail of Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee".

Service Dress Blues marks the return of Michael Bowen's Rep and Melissa Pennyworth. How do you tie the mugging of a midshipman the night before the Army-Navy Game with a murder of a political activist in Milwaukee.

Margaret Coel's books are always some of my favorites. The Silent Spirit is her new Wind River mystery. Father John and Vicky Holden must make a connection between the 1923 disappearance of Charlie Wallowingbull who went to Hollywood to appear in a Western, and the murder of his great-grandson ninety years later. Kiki was released from prison, planning to investigate Charlie's disappearance, only to become a victim himself.

Louisa Edwards' romance, Can't Stand the Heat, is supposed to be a scorching hot novel for those of us who are Food Network addicts. When a food critic agrees to spend a month in a hotshot chef's kitchen, she's hoping to find out what really goes on his restaurant. Instead, he finds out her secret; she has not idea how to cook. This is a relationship that is hot enough to heat up the kitchen.

I can't wait for Robert Fate's latest Baby Shark book, , Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border. Once again, Kristin Van Dijk teams up with private detective Otis Millett for a fast-paced investigation. This time, they work with straight-arrow cop, Carl Lynch, as they look for the murderer of Otis' ex-wife, a former stripper who hid money from a bank heist.

Murder at Longbourn is Tracy Kiely's debut mystery. Elizabeth Parker needs an escape for New Year's, and her aunt's "How to Host a Murder Party" at her Cape Cod B&B sounds perfect. No one suspects that the local wealthy miser will become a victim. Elizabeth must unearth old secrets, and new motives, to clear her beloved aunt.

Deborah Grabien's While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a JP Kinkaid mystery. JP sits in as second guitarist for a new CD, and meets a new front-man for the rock group. He's a little abrasive, but who would kill him a few weeks into the sessions?

Deadly Descent is Charlotte Hinger's first mystery. Lottie Albright, editor of the local history books in her Western Kansas community, endangers her marriage and her reputation to dig into a cold case that involves too many local families. Lottie's going to need her twin sister's help to connect the links.

Operation Yes by Sara Lewis Holmes is aimed at ages 9 to 12. Ms. Loupe's sixth grade class doesn't know what to make of her. After all, she's a little different for a school on an Air Force base. But, they all rally around her when her brother goes missing in Afghanistan.

Victor Legris returns in The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise by Claude Izner. It's 1890s Paris, a world of Zola, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec. It's also the world of anarchists, scientists and predatory mediums. When a widow disappears, her maid turns to Victor for help. Soon, he has two deaths to investigate.

FBI profiler Karen Vail takes a vacation to the Napa Valley, but a murder victim is found there in a wine cave. Vail offers her help because it seems to be a serial killer, but it takes another victim before Vail is asked for help. It's Alan Jacobson's latest thriller, Crush.

Skeleton Hill is the tenth Peter Lovesey mystery to feature Inspector Peter Diamond. After English Civil War reenactors discover a twenty-year-old corpse, one of them is murdered. Is there a connection?

Beverle Graves Myers is the author of the Barouque mystery series, featuring opera singer, Tito Amato. Her Deadly Mischief is set in Venice, 1742. On opening night, Tito feels ignored by one box, until the curtains part and a dead woman falls over the railing. Asked to help with the investigation, Tito's professional career collides with his family life, when his family is threatened.

Sharon Potts introduces Jeremy Stroeb in the thriller, In Their Blood. Jeremy drops out of college and enjoys backpacking across Europe, until his parents are murdered in their home in Miami Beach. When he returns to become guardian for his sister, he vows to find out what happened. But, the questions are tougher than he thought. Who were his parents, and when will the killer be back?

Robert J. Randisi's You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You is a Rat Pack Mystery. This time, Marilyn Monroe thinks she's being followed,

Clea Simon introduces a new series with Shades of Grey. Grad student Dulcie was feeling bad enough after she had to put her cat, Mr Grey, to sleep. But, she should have listened to the voice she heard when she came across a stray cat that looked just like him. He warned her not to go home. When she found her roommate murdered, she's suddenly a suspect. And, the hints from the ghost of Mr Grey aren't easy for Dulcie to understand.

Norb Vonnegut takes readers deep in Wall Street in his novel, Top Producer. It's a world some people think they can get away with everything, even murder.

War Damage is Elizabeth Wilson's novel of post-World War II London, a beaten-down place where Regine Milner's Sunday house parties are popular. Everyone comes from ballet dancers to cabinet ministers. When Freddie Buckingham, a flamboyant homosexual turns up dead, there's a wealth of suspects.

How does September look to you? I think we have some interesting reading ahead of us. Monday, I'll discuss the hot titles not in my closet.


Jen said...

I have JUGGLERS ON THE BORDER in my reading queue as well, Lesa. Looking very forward to it! A number of these other ones look rather captivating as well. I think I need a couple more weeks in each month...;)

Lesa said...

Totally agree with you, Jen! In fact, I had a couple more book offers for August and I'm just going to have to turn them down. My August book pile is already too high!

Like you, I'm looking forward to Baby Shark's JUGGLERS ON THE BORDER.

Alexia561 said...

What an interesting selection of books! Shade of Grey is definitely going on my wishlist! Never read anything featuring the ghost of a cat before! I agree with Jen...we need more weeks in the month to fit in all of our reading! *L*

Lesa said...

Definitely, Alexia! I'm always interested to see which books people pick out as the ones they like from this list. Clea will be happy you picked Shade of Grey.

Clea Simon said...

Thank you, Lesa - and Alexia, too! - for mentioning my "Shades of Grey." I've just finished the second in the series, "Grey Matters," so it's particularly fun to sit back and see how the world receives Dulcie. I love her and hope she amuses you all!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Looking forward to reading these books...thanks for spotlighting them, Lesa.

For some reason, I'm not familiar with the Peter Lovesey series. I'll have to correct that. Cold case stories are interesting to me.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Clea. And, good luck with Dulcie!

Lesa said...

Elizabeth, I have to say I haven't read this series by Lovesey. I've read all of the Sgt. Cribb ones, written in the 70s. I'll have to try this series.

Clea Simon said...

Thank you - and, oh, I meant to comment on the Lovesey! His "Wobble to Death" was given away at Malice Domestic this year and it got me totally hooked! I will definitely be checking out "Skeleton Hill."

Lesa said...

I'd never really paid attention to the series, but I'm checking it out, too, Clea. I'm glad "Wobble to Death" got you hooked!