Friday, August 14, 2009

Brown Bag Luncheon

Once a quarter, I get to open up my office to the public and share books with them. I talk about 15 books, provide a book list, allow them to fight over the selections. They have lunch. I provide cookies, coffee and water. And, hopefully, a fun time is had by all. I know I always have a good time.

This summer's booklist is a little heavy with crime fiction, but I told them the summer list is usually that way because I'm more dependent on the ARCs in my closet at the end of one fiscal year, and beginning of another. Next quarter's list may have fewer crime novels. We'll see!

Here are the fifteen books I discussed, with the addition of a couple timely titles.

Abbott, Tony – The Postcard – When Jason’s grandmother dies in
Sarasota, FL, he goes to be with his father. But, a phone call & a postcard change his life, and he learns about his grandmother's secret past.

Bolton, S.J. – Awakening – A vet in a small English town gets caught up in the town’s forgotten history when snakes invade.

Bostwick, Marie – A Thread of Truth – A woman who escaped an abusive marriage finds friendship and a job in a quilting shop in CT, until her husband finds her.

Cavender, Chris – A Slice of Murder – When Eleanor Swift delivers a pizza and finds a body, she entangles herself, her sister & her pizzeria in a murder investigation.

Dalby, Robert – A Piggly Wiggly Wedding - Return to Second Creek, Mississippi, where Mr. Choppy is hoping to marry, if Gaylie Girl’s adult children will approve. Help is on the way, courtesy of the Nitwits.

Delany, Vicki – Gold Digger – A historical mystery, set during the Klondike’s gold rush, featuring an unscrupulous dance hall owner who finds the body of a nosy journalist on her stage.

Duncan, Elizabeth J. – The Cold Light of Mourning – A traditional mystery in which the local manicurist is the last one to have seen a bride alive on her wedding day.

Gardner, Lisa – The Neighbor - When a woman disappears, her husband is the primary suspect, but he won’t help the police.

Grabenstein, Chris – Mind Scrambler - Danny Boyle and Ceepak are in Atlantic City when a long-time friend of Danny’s, a nanny for a magician, is found dead.

Haines, Carolyn – Greedy Bones - A vicious illness is striking at people in Sarah Booth Delaney’s hometown, after they’ve been on a cotton plantation.

Henry, Patti Callahan – Driftwood Summer - Three sisters return to Palmetto Beach, Georgia, for the anniversary of the family bookstore.

O’Neal, Barbara – The Lost Recipe for Happiness - Fired from her job, a chef has one year to open a new restaurant in Aspen, CO.

Pearson, Ridley – Killer Summer - Sun Valley sheriff Walt Fleming is prepared for trouble when there’s an auction for expensive wine. He isn’t prepared for his nephew to disappear in connection with the investigation.

Ramsay, Frederick – Choker - Sheriff Ike Schwartz is on vacation when he’s asked by a CIA friend to check into an airplane disappearance on July 4.

Robertson, Michael – The Baker Street Letters - Who answers the letters that arrive at 221b Baker Street, addressed to Sherlock Holmes? One brother goes too far in answering a letter.

I added two more titles because most of my group is made up of women over 35, the audience for the movie "Julie and Julia".

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell - 364 Days, 524 recipes from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

My Life in France by Julia Child - The story of her years in France, 1948-1954, when she developed a passion for France and French cooking.

Next week, I get to do this all over again for a group of librarians. Some of the titles are swapped out, but it's just as much fun.


Jacqueline Seewald said...

As a librarian, one of the fun things I liked to do for summer reading was hold a book swap. I did this when I ran a high school library. I would first advertise that students and teachers should bring books in good condition that they would be willing to swap. I would arrange the books for teens in one box, adult books in another.
Then I would open the exchange to
everyone who made a donation. There were lots of happy summer readers. (I always made my own donations as well so the boxes never started empty). Whatever books were leftover, I just labeled "free books." They always disappeared as well.

Jacqueline Seewald
THE INFERNO COLLECTION, Five Star hardcover, Wheeler large print 2008

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. I'd love to go to an event like this at our library here! And I'm sure your librarian group enjoys the event just as much.


Jen said...

O.k. Lesa, here's an idea for you to mull over and see if you can do this in the future...have a web cam at this event and stream it live for those of us clear across the country! :) This is just such a cool thing you do.

Tickled to see MIND SCRAMBLER in there. You know how much I love John Ceepak! And that is definitely my favorite of the series...still giddy that it will continue!! :)

Serena said...

This sounds like a great experience..thanks for sharing it with us.

Patricia Stoltey said...

This is my kind of list. Mostly crime, a couple of my favorite authors, and some intriguing new names to try out. So many books, so little time...

Lesa said...

I love that idea, Jacqueline. One of my favorite book clubs used to do something like that. It was always fun. (Oh, and just wanted to let you know The Drowning Pool is in my almost there pile!)

Lesa said...

Hmm, Jen. That is an interesting idea. I'd love to do it. I'll have to talk to my computer guru, and see if we have those capabilities. Web cam proficient, I am not. (And, knowing our city network, there might be a lot of buffering!)

I'm with you. So glad to see that the Ceepak series will continue! And, I love to watch Danny mature.

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Serena. It's always fun.

Lesa said...

I totally agree with you, Patricia. And, it's always fun to find new authors. But, there are way too many good books out there!

Chary Johnson said...

This is a wonderful idea. I am going to suggest it at my next book club meeting in September.

Lesa said...

Jacqueline's idea of a book swap? It's nice because readers find new titles, and get rid of books they don't find around the house anymore. Hope it works for your book club.

Kelly said...

I'd arm wrestle the other ladies for Driftwood Summer, based on the cover alone!

What a wonderful monthly event! I wish your office was in my hometown.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Kelly! No, I wish you were here in Glendale. I like my office right where it is. But, I'd love to have you here. Driftwood Summer lives up to the cover, too!