Monday, July 20, 2009

Singularity by Kathryn Casey

For some reason, I missed Kathryn Casey's debut novel last year. After reading Singularity, I won't make that mistake again, and I already have her new book, Blood Lines. The author, a best-selling true crime writer, doesn't miss with her outstanding police procedural.

Sarah Armstrong is a Texas Ranger, and the only one of the Rangers' criminal profilers. The Rangers work out of the Department of Public Safety, but they report directly to the governor. With a scandalous double murder on Galveston Island, Sarah's sent to the scene. A wealthy businessman has been shot, posed in bed with his dead mistress. Sarah is not happy with the local investigation, but she's even more unhappy when two powerful families go to war over the ramifications of the murders, and the FBI is called in. Sarah's late husband never liked Agent Scroggins, but the other agent, David Garrity, is a profiler who seems to understand Sarah's interpretation of the case.

Two of the officers blame the new wealthy widow. But Sarah and David see the hand of a serial killer. They go off on their own tangent, and their investigation indicates there's someone out there who likes to pose his victims. They're convinced there is a ruthless killer who seems to strike throughout Texas. But, Sarah's fighting a losing battle with the Galveston local jurisdiction over the murders that started the entire case.

Sarah Armstrong is an outstanding investigator, dedicated to her job. She's also a recent widow, whose husband died the previous year, and it's affecting her eleven-year-old daughter, Maggie. Sarah's frequent absences on cases take her away from her daughter. Fortunately, they live with Sarah's mother on a ranch, but a grandmother doesn't always make up for the absence of parents. And, this case could permanently separate her from her needy daughter.

Casey's first novel is a fascinating police procedural. But, it's even more than that. Casey has created an intriguing character, with a complicated family life. The family issues add to the richness of this story. Singularity was a terrific debut. I can't wait to move on to Blood Lines.

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Singularity by Kathryn Casey. St. Martin's Minotaur, ©2008. ISBN 9780312379506 (hardcover), 320p.


Kelly @ The Novel Bookworm said...

Great review! You've got me hooked!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Kelly! And, I'm hooked. I'm already sixty pages into Blood Lines.