Friday, July 10, 2009

Poisoned Pen WebCon

Robert Rosenwald from Poisoned Pen Press gave me permission to quote his press release. If you missed this announcement, you might be interested in a reasonably priced convention for mystery fans.


Publishers, writers, and fans participate in virtual meeting to pursue their passion

Online conference allows for deeper conversation at minimal expense

Scottsdale, Arizona (July 4, 2009) - Thousands of mystery fans are expected to participate in the world's first-ever virtual mystery convention, dubbed the Poisoned Pen WebCon, on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2009.

Co-hosted by The Poisoned Pen mystery bookstore and Poisoned Pen Press, the convention hopes to meet the rising demand for the booming mystery genre. Fans will be able to participate in live interactive discussions, author panels, on-demand videos and audio presentations, exclusive articles, book trailers, live chat rooms, and other interactive web-based events.

"Traditional mystery conventions are as popular as ever. The Poisoned Pen WebCon will let us extend our reach and satisfy an even larger audience. This online format will let us bring together mystery fans, authors, and editors from opposite ends of the world to collaborate, interact, and discuss all things related to mystery writing and publishing" says Robert Rosenwald, publisher of Poisoned Pen Press.

The Poisoned Pen WebCon will commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Poisoned Pen, A Mystery Bookstore… and more and is hosted by its owner, Barbara Peters, and her husband, Robert Rosenwald, publisher of Poisoned Pen Press.

"This event has been 20 years in the making. I don't want to say that we had this idea 20 years ago, but we are always looking for ways to serve mystery fans and support mystery writers. Those are the interactions that drive us, and now we are making those interactions interactive," said Peters.

The duo also hopes that the low costs will make the conference more accessible, especially in light of the economy. "This convention will have everything you'd find at the traditional mystery convention, without the hotel and travel expense," says Robert Rosenwald, publisher of Poisoned Pen Press. "It will allow mystery fans around the world to be part of the fun without having to leave home."

Barbara Peters believes that The Poisoned Pen WebCon will enable mystery fans to participate at a deeper level. "The conversation will be guided by their questions and interests. They'll be able to participate directly in more events and more author conversations than they would at a traditional convention."

The Poisoned Pen WebCon Guest of Honor will be author Dana Stabenow, whose A Night Too Dark is the 17th title in the Kate Shugak mystery series. The International Guest of Honor will be Lee Child, the author of the Jack Reacher series, which was recently cited as the best-selling mystery series in the world by The Daily Telegraph. The Fan Guest of Honor will be noted freelance journalist and event organizer, Adrian Muller. The Behind the Scenes Guests of Honor will be Tom and Enid Schantz, publishers of Rue Morgue Press; Kate Stine, editor and co-publisher of Mystery Scene Magazine; and Kate Miciak, Editorial Director of Bantam Dell at Random House Publishing Group.

Barbara Peters and Robert Rosenwald were the 2008 recipients of the "Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement Award" for their contributions to the mystery field.

Fans and authors can register for the event at The $25 registration fee will enable online access and full participation to all of the virtual convention events. Like traditional mystery conventions, all registrants will receive a "Goodie Bag," which will include a book voucher, free E-books and privileged interactive access to live events. More information about The Poisoned Pen WebCon is available at

I'm signing up today!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

This is a really exciting idea for me. I'd participate in a lot more conferences if I didn't have to go anywhere! (I'm a stay-at-home mom).

Thanks for sharing.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Elizabeth. Even my hsuband is excited about me attending this one, since, like you, I don't have to leave home.

Jen said...

I'm going to the live conference this year for Bouchercon, but I definitely am going to participate in this one as well, Lesa! See you there!! :)

Lesa said...

Enjoy Bourchercon, but I'm glad I'll get to see you at this one, Jen!

bikebali said...

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Lesa said...

Thank you, Bikebali. I will keep updating it.

Kay said...

I'm behind on my blog reading, but read about this on Jen's blog earlier. I went right over and signed up. Yea! I'm supposed to work that Saturday but I think I will have enough time between now and then to work something out. :-)

Thanks for the info. Hope you are well. We are baking here in Austin. Our a/c went out over the 4th holiday. It was not a very relaxing weekend.

Lesa said...

Hi Kay!

Nice to hear from you. I think you'll be able to work something out.

Geez, can't imagine no air with our heat or yours. We had air ocnditioning problems last year, and it wasn't fun. We'll have 113 today, and probably 114 tomorrow. Need that air!

justice said...

this site welcomes the presence of conference hall and it welcomes Elizabeth. Thank you! A lovely site.


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