Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blood Lines by Kathryn Casey

It's release day for Kathryn Casey's second mystery, Blood Lines, and I'd recommend that you pick it up as soon as you can. This book marks the return of Texas Ranger Sarah Anderson, an investigator and a mother. Those jobs can't be separated in this wonderful character.

After the events of Singularity, Sarah, her daughter, Maggie, and her mother needed time to adjust. But, Maggie's mom is dating, and it's time for the rest of the family to move on. Sarah agrees to go back to work part-time, and her first case is intriguing. Why would a wealthy, successful young businesswoman kill herself? Billie Cox' sister is convinced she didn't kill herself, and she has enough clout to force the rangers to take a second look at the death. It's the clues that Billie's sister has that interests Sarah, and she's willing to dig a little deeper into the life of this woman and her dealings in the oil business.

Even with the case, Sarah's first loyalty is to her daughter, whose mare is in danger of dying before she gives birth. The family is spending nights in the barn with Maggie's horse, but Sarah's boss needs her to spend a little time on another case. A teen singing sensation is threatened by a stalker, and she's convinced he's in Texas. Sarah and the rangers need to track him down before Cassidy Collins' Texas concerts. But, the need to protect Cassidy could tear Sarah from Maggie just when Maggie is depending on her. However, the captain, and FBI profiler David Garrity think Sarah's the only one who can deal with a teenage star, one who is also a rich brat.

Casey is a best-selling true crime writer, but her two crime novels featuring Sarah Armstrong are intense, superb stories. Casey skillfully combines Sarah's skills as an investigator with her need for a family life, giving readers a well-rounded character. It's another superb police procedural from an author yet to be discovered by many readers. Blood Lines is the perfect title for this story of an investigator pulled by two cases and her family needs. Blood Lines builds on all of the strengths of Singularity. They are both solid, outstanding novels. You're missing something special if you haven't met Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong.

Kathryn Casey's website is www.kathryncasey.com

Blood Lines by Kathryn Casey. St. Martin's Minotaur, ©2009. ISBN 9780302379513 (hardcover), 294p.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I haven't read the Sarah Armstrong books. Thanks to your glowing review I'll have to go pick them up.

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Yvonne said...

This sounds wonderful. Excellent review!

Lesa said...

I only read them 2 days ago, Elizabeth, but I'm hooked.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Yvonne. Excellent books!

Kelly @ The Novel Bookworm said...

This sounds great, I'm not familiar with the author, but I'm going to look for her books the next time I'm at the bookstore.

Lesa said...

I hope you can find them at a bookstore, Kelly. I haven't been happy lately about what I've heard about finding mystery authors at some of the general bookstores. I hope you're near a good independent bookstore.

Jen said...

I definitely have to put this on my TBR list. It's one I would enjoy - quite sure! Thanks Lesa!

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Jen. I like the combination of her work and family in this new series.