Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick

I noticed that Library Journal has slightly changed the format of the book reviews, including a new VERDICT in the closing sentences. I recently reviewed Marie Bostwick's A Thread of Truth for the June 1 issue. Here's the review, reprinted with permission.

Bostwick, Marie. A Thread of Truth. Kensington. Jun. 2009. c.352p. ISBN 978-0-7582-3215-1. pap. $15. F

Bostwick brings back familiar characters in the second Cobbled Court novel (after A Single Thread), with the focus switching to Ivy Peterman. In fleeing an abusive husband, Ivy ends up in New Bern, CT, where she and her children find refuge at an apartment complex for victims of domestic abuse. When the town benefactor takes an interest in them, Ivy finds a job—and friends—at Cobbled Court Quilts. The companionship of these women proves vital when Ivy's husband shows up, demanding that she return and, when that fails, accusing her of kidnapping their children. VERDICT A Single Thread focused on breast cancer; here, Bostwick highlights domestic abuse in a story that emphasizes the importance of friendship. Given those themes, as well as the details about quilting, this novel should appeal to fans of women's fiction, especially those who enjoy needlecrafts. A similar title is Kate Jacobs's The Friday Night Knitting Club. Highly recommended.—Lesa Holstine, Glendale P.L., AZ

Copyright © 2009 Cahners Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. Reprinted with permission.


PK the Bookeemonster said...

You have been nominated for the Literary Blogger Award. Details at

Thanks for making surfing fun!

Lesa said...

Thank you, PK! I really appreicate the nomination. And, I'm glad I make surfing fun!

teabird said...

I just read the first issue of LJ with the new "twitterable" reviews. I'm not sure I like them, although I certainly love Twitter.
Do you like the new format?

Lesa said...

I'm not sure I like the new format either, Teabird. I was surprised since I didn't write the Verdict, and didn't say Kate Jacob's book compared. I compared it to Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street books. I'll have to read more to see. Oh, well. Things grow on you, and soon I'll probably forget they were any different. Those reviews are probably so busy people can go straight to the Verdict instead of reading the entire review.

Clea Simon said...

Interesting - you would think that the readers of LJ would be interested in and capable of reading an entire review (hey, they're not that long!). It seems like the new format is aimed at people so pressed for time they only want a thumbs up/thumbs down summary. Ah well...

Lesa said...

I agree, Clea. But, we're watching all of the journals and newspapers trying to catch those people with little time, or short attention spans. (sigh)

Joan in Delaware said...

I am curious that you didn't mention the poor editing in 'a thread of truth'. I was unable to read the book because they were so numerous it was distracting.

Lesa said...

I'm sorry, Joan, but I couldn't comment on the poor editing. When I review books for Library Journal, I am reading an Advanced Reading Copy, a reviewer's copy that is not fully edited. At the time I read many of the books, they still have errors, including spelling, punctuation, and, sometimes even names wrong. So, I don't comment on the editing at the time I review.

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