Monday, June 01, 2009

Books Read During May

It was another good month of reading. Although I've reviewed these books individually, here's the list of the books I read during May.

Lavender Morning by Jude Deveraux - First in Edilean series, introducing Jocelyn Minton, heir to a house in Edilean, VA, a house she inherited, and never knew existed, changing her view of the the woman who left it to her.

Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg - Story of a woman who has writer's block for a year following her husband's death, and can't find a way to move on with her life.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the White House by Charles Osgood - Political humor from the Presidential campaign trail.

Not Becoming My Mother by Ruth Reichl - Biography of Reichl's mother, who led an unhappy life, teaching her daughter to go for happiness and a career.

Blood Moon by Garry Disher - In Australia, Inspector Hal Challis and his team look for a mugger, a possible rapist, and a missing woman.

The Family Man by Elinor Lipman - Henry Archer is a retired gay lawyer whose ex-wife disrupts his life, and accidentally reunites him with the young woman who was his daughter for the two years of their marriage.

The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski - A drifter through life, June Parker takes on a twenty-four-year's to-do list after she was killed in a car June was driving.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley - Eleven-year-old Flavia, absorbed in chemistry, and passionate about poisons, looks for a killer in England in 1950, in order to save her father.

To Hell in a Handbasket by Beth Groundwater - On a skiing trip, gift basket designer Claire Hanover is determined to protect her daughter, who may have seen a killer.

The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer - Sir Richard Wyndham was bored with his life in the ton until Pen Creed climbed out of her window, and into his life.

One False Note by Gordon Korman - The second book in The 39 Clues series takes Amy & Dan Cahill to Austria, racing their relatives for a clue about Mozart.

The Sword Thief by Peter Lerangis - The third book in The 39 Clues series takes the Cahills to Japan, where they have to cooperate with relatives on the next stage of their contest.

DeKok and The Mask of Death by Baantjer - Inspector DeKok investigates the mysterious disappearances of young women, who arrive at a hospital, but the hospital claims they were never there.

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer - In order to allow her sister to marry for love, Horatia marries the Earl of Rule, only to lead him a merry dance.

Red and Me: My Coach, My Lifelong Friend by Bill Russell with Alan Steinberg. Bill Russell's years of friendship with Red Auerbach.

Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber - The owner of A Good Yarn on Blossom Street brings together another group of needy people who find a way through their troubles.

Frederica by Georgette Heyer - A confirmed bachelor agrees to act as a guardian for a distant cousin's family in order to sponsor her sister's coming out, when it's actually the oldest, Frederica, he finds interesting.

The Postcard by Tony Abbott - The Edgar winner for Best Juvenile Novel sends thirteen-year-old Jason to St. Petersburg, FL where he discovers the mystery of his grandmother's life while hunting for a postcard and a story in a fast-paced caper.

Vision in White by Nora Roberts - The first book in the new Bride Quartet introduces Mackenzie Elliot, the photographer at a wedding center, who is afraid of love, since her parents made shambles of their multiple marriages.


Anonymous said...

You are my hero!
While I am very dedicated to reading aloud to my children, I have not done the same for myself. (oh my!)
I know they need to see me doing what I am asking them to do (the oldest is just now starting to read independently).
So this summer, as I enroll my children in our local library summer reading program, I am enrolling myself in the adult reading program!

Lesa said...

Oh, Gina!

Now, you'll be your children's hero, a mother who takes time to read. Both of my sisters and my own Mom do, and they all (including my mother) have children that love to read. And, I always talk books with my mom and sisters. Now, even my cousins are into the act. We do a round robin letter in the family, and people have started mentioning what they're reading. It's really fun.

Thank you for the nice ego boost to start my morning.