Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Salon - June Treasures in My Closet & a Few Newcomers

Ah, now for the June book releases in my closet. June isn't as formidable a month for me as May, but two of my favorite authors have books out. I'll start with those, then the other treasures, and, finally, a few newcomers to watch.

Yesterday, Chris Grabenstein won the Agatha Award for Best YA/Youth Novel for The Crossroads. So, it's the perfect month to talk about his latest novel. It's always a month to celebrate a new John Ceepak mystery. Chris Grabenstein brings us Mind Scrambler, a story that takes Ceepak and Danny Boyle to Atlantic City, where they run into one of Danny's old friends, just before she's killed.

Frederick Ramsay's Ike Schwartz mysteries are new favorites. Choker takes Sheriff Ike on vacation, but he ends up helping an old CIA friend with a pilot's disappearance, while back in Picketsville there's a mystery of missing communion silver and a possible occult group operating.

Awakening is S.J. Bolton's "story of a venomous murder in a small English village," in which a wildlife veterinary surgeon discovers a killer wasn't one snake, but someone with access to snake venom.

Like others before her, Linda Castillo is switching from romance to suspense. Sworn to Silence introduces Painters Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder, a woman who grew up Amish in the town. When a multiple murderer returns after sixteen years, Kate is determined to catch him, without violating her Amish past.

Carolyn Haines brings back Sarah Booth Delaney in Greedy Bones. Sarah is a southern belle in Hollywood, but she drops everything to return to Mississippi when a deadly virus threatens her hometown.

The Lord of Death is Eliot Pattison's latest Shan Tao Yun Investigation, set in Tibet. Shan, an exiled Chinese national, is ferrying a corpse on muleback when he encounters an overturned bus with imprisoned illegal monks. It only gets worse when he hears gunfire, and finds two women dead in a car, one the Chinese Minister of tourism, and the other a blond Westerner. Now, he must find the murderer, to save his son.

I have one debut novel in that pile. John Moran's The Benefactor sounds fascinating. It's the story of a young widow who discovers her husband's accidental death is the latest in a series of murders-for-profit reaching back more than a decade.

Here are some other newcomers that jump out at me. James Hayman's The Cutting introduces Detective Michael McCabe who moved from New York to Maine to escape the past, only to face a serial killer with designs on his young daughter.

Katherine Howe's The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane finds Connie Goodwin handling the sale of her grandmother's abandoned home near Salem, Mass. She soon discovers her family's ties to Salem's dark past.

The Baker Street Letters by Michael Robertson has already had rights sold to Warner Brothers. It sounds like it's made for a movie, as it tells of two brothers who, although both lawyers, are worlds apart. When Reggie Heath leases space in a building on Baker Street, he finds that his firm must receive and respond to letters sent to Sherlock Holmes, who previously lived at that address. Brothers, lawyers, Sherlock Holmes, a disappearance, and a dead body. Sounds wonderful!

I hope you find some book treasures of your own in June. There are certainly some enticing books coming out!


Scrap girl said...

Baker Street Letters sounds fabulous. Definitely one for me. Enjoy your Sunday.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Scrap Girl! You have a nice one as well. Like you, I think Baker Street Letters sounds terrific.

Kay said...

Can't wait for MIND SCRAMBLER! I fully intend to read the first book in Frederick Ramsay's series this summer.

I have an arc of Katherine Howe's book. Also like the sound of THE BAKER STREET LETTERS.

Lesa said...

I think you and I are attracted to the same type of books, Kay. I'm looking forward to those books, as well.

Gavin said...

Lesa - These all sound wonderful. I'm adding Sworn to Silence and The Cutting to my towering TBR pile!

Lesa said...

If your TBR pile is anything like mine, Gavin, I have enough books to last me for a couple years.

Forgetful Librarian said...

I order fiction for authors R-Z at my library. I will order the Baker Street Letters!

Lesa said...

I put The Baker Street Letters on hold for myself at the library. I just think it sounds terrific.

Ruth @ Bookish Ruth said...

The Baker Street Letters just went on my wish list!

Lesa said...

I'm looking forward to this one, too, Ruth!

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