Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Murder Takes the Cake by Evelyn David

Evelyn David's Murder Takes the Cake brings back the entire wonderful cast from Murder Off the Books, and, as before, keeps the reader guessing in an enjoyable mystery.

Murder Takes the Cake picks up the cast just six weeks after the previous book. Mac Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Investigations in Washington, D.C., and Rachel Brenner are still finding their way into a relationship. But, Thanksgiving week isn't the best time of year to start dating, particularly when there is too much murder, theft, and threats involving their friends and Rachel's employer.

Mac, the best friend of Rachel's employer at O'Herlihy Funeral Home, is also the godfather to Jeff O'Herlihy's daughter, Bridget. She's a reporter who broke a story about crooked cops in Boston, and, now, when she's receiving threats, she turns to Mac. Mac and Rachel believe her, but her fiance and his family think she's hysterical. Before Mac gets too far into the investigation, his assistant, JJ, finds a body out on a turkey farm, a body that was supposed to have tried to hire Sullivan Investigations.

Death threats, turkey farms, missing caskets, and wedding plans all add up for trouble for Mac and Rachel. It's a good thing Mac's Irish Wolfhound, Whiskey, is around to take care of both of them.

Evelyn David's mysteries are fun and fast-paced, with characters you'd like to add to your own family. And, Whiskey could go home with any dog-lover. My only complaint about this series is minor. The books should have a list of characters. By the time the author introduced victims, cops, funeral home rivals, and Bridget's boyfriend's family, along with the regular cast, it was difficult to keep everyone safe. Granted, caper mysteries often have enormous casts. It just would have been nice to have a list in order to remember which crime linked the various characters. Despite, this slight difficulty, I'd recommend Murder Takes the Cake, and the earlier book, Murder Off the Books, to anyone who enjoys characters who walk off the page, and into your heart.

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Murder Takes the Cake by Evelyn David. Echelon Press, ©2009. ISBN 9781590806180 (paperback), 284p.


Yvonne said...

This sounds like another mystery series that I'd love. Great review!

Lesa said...

Fun mystery series, Yvonne! And, since there are only two books, it's not a formidable series to face.