Tuesday, March 03, 2009

More April Treasures in My Closet

After all the talk of April mysteries yesterday, it's time to move on to the novels and nonfiction titles in my closet. Some of these books look tantalizing.

In Shipa Agarwal's Haunting Bombay, three generations of an extended family must struggle to come to terms with hidden shame and forbidden love. The supernatural epic is set in 1960s Bombay, where thirteen-year-old Pinky opens a mysteriously bolted door in an old colonial bungalow, and unleashes the vengeful ghosts of a drowned infant and its nursemaid.

Cecelia Ahern brings together two strangers in Thanks for the Memories. As she recovers from an accident, Joyce Conway dreams night after night of a little girl she doesn't know, and Parisian streets she's never walked. Somewhere, someone holds the answers.

Vanora Bennett, author of Portrait of an Unknown Woman, returns readers to England. Set during the War of the Roses, Figures in Silk is the story of two sisters who discover passion, one in the arms of the king, the other in a family dynasty, the world of silk.

The Sacred Blood is the sequel to Michael Byrnes' novel, The Sacred Bones. Someone needs bones that might have belonged to Jesus to fulfill a prophecy that could lead to Armageddon. Only an Israeli archaeologist and an Egyptologist stand between the relics and destruction.

The Moonflower Vine was Jetta Carleton's only published novel. Harper is rereleasing the story of Matthew and Callie Soames and their four daughters, set on a farm in western Missouri during the first half of the twentieth century.

The Unwritten Rules of Baseball by Paul Dickson are the unspoken laws that represent the time-honored customs, rituals and etiquette of the game. It's filled with colorful anecdotes and examples, so fans can understand the background of baseball.

Dottie Meyers is 35 when she's hit by a tornado on a small farm in Kansas. She awakes three months later in a recovery facility in California, where her father, who she hasn't seen since she was four, left her a mysterious pair of ruby slippers. She and three friends are about to discover if there is a road to take you home.

Suzie Gilbert's memoir, Flyaway, tells of her journey to become a wild bird rehabilitator, and the people and birds she met along the way.

Barbara Graham is the editor of Eye of My Heart, a collection by twenty-seven writers who discuss the complications and joys of being a grandmother in a new time, when the roles of mothers and grandmothers have changed.

Philip Gulley, author of the beloved Harmony series, tells his own story in I Love You, Miss Huddleston. It's the story of Philip, a sixth-grader in small town Indiana, who was smitten with his teacher, Miss Huddleston. Undoubtedly, Gulley will bring his usual humor and charm to this memoir.

Linda Lael Miller's latest novel of the Montana Creeds is Montana Creeds: Tyler. The former rodeo star returned home to work with his estranged brothers to try to restore the old Creed ranch. And, it's there is Stillwater Springs that a single mom returned to find the man she's loved since childhood.

Those are all of the April Treasures in My Closet. But, on Thursday, I'll share the other titles of interest coming out that month.


caryn said...

I didn't get a chance to check blogs yesterday so between yesterday's and today's my list to put on hold at the library or to buy is outragiously long.
Off today's list The Unwritten Rules of Baseball, The Moonflower Vine and Ruby Slippers make the list.
Yesterday's blog put the new Ure, Dallas, Haddam and Eglin on my list.

Lesa said...

I've said this before, Caryn. I love to enable people's reading addiction!

Cathy said...

These posts of yours always make me want to ring your doorbell and ask permission to rummage in that closet! :)

Lesa said...

Feel free, Cathy! I know you're close enough. (grin) And, I'm sure you'd find some treasures there that I'm not going to have time to read.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Lesa!

Just when I thought I'd heard of everything, you bring out this list and I want to read EVERY ONE OF THEM! (-:

Which one first? HUNTING BOMBAY, I think. I was a tourist in India when Bombay was still Bombay and my memories are still vivid.

It will take me forever to get through your list, so I'm off to look for HUNTING BOMBAY!

Pat Browning
Krill Press 2008

Anonymous said...

But first I have to get the title right. HAUNTING BOMBAY. Write it on the blackboard 300 times!

Then start looking for HAUNTING BOMBAY.

Pat Browning

Lesa said...

That's great, Pat! I love to suggest new books for readers. Now, remember, these are due out in April, so you don't have to read everything at once. (grin)

Enjoy the ones you pick!