Thursday, February 12, 2009

February Brown Bag Luncheon

Yesterday, I had the most successful brown bag luncheon yet. On a quarterly basis, I do a program in my office. The public is invited to bring lunch. I provide coffee, water and cookies, and I talk about 15 books in an hour. We had 9 people today, with four people who had never attended before. One asked afterward why we weren't doing a webcast of it. Fun program! Next Wednesday, I'll do almost the same program for librarians in our system at a brown bag luncheon. The titles sometimes vary a little because the attendees can check out the books. And, they did!

Here are this quarter's books.

Ault, Sandi – Wild Indigo - Introduces Bureau of Land Management Agent Jamaica Wild, liaison with Tanoah Pueblo in New Mexico, who witnesses a man trampled to death by a buffalo, but can’t convince anyone it is murder.

Bauermeister, Erica – The School of Essential Ingredients - Eight people take a life-changing cooking class every Monday night in Lillian’s restaurant. Sensual book, filled with food - taste, smell.

Collins, Suzanne – The Hunger Games – Each year, the Capitol demands that the district sends two young people in for the Hunger Games, where they fight to the death.

Davis, Margaret Leslie – Mona Lisa in Camelot – How Jacqueline Kennedy brought the Mona Lisa to the U.S.

Dickinson, Amy – The Mighty Queens of Freeville – The advice columnist’s memoir about her life as a single mother, and the town that was home.

Jarvis, Cheryl – The Necklace – Thirteen women & the experiment with a diamond necklace that changed their lives.

Minichino, Camille – The Hydrogen Murder – Scientist turned crime consultant, Gloria Lamerino, is called in to investigate when a physicist is murdered.

Morris, Bob – A Deadly Silver Sea - McGyver on the high seas when a cruise ship is hijacked on its maiden voyage, with Zack Chasteen and his pregnant wife on board.

The American Journey of Barack Obama – Photo biography of Barack Obama, before he was elected President.

Oppegaard, David – The Suicide Collectors – The Despair has covered the earth for five years, and most people have committed suicide. But, Norman, is determined to get from Florida to Seattle to find the scientist who might have a cure.

Penny, Louise – A Rule Against Murder – A tribute to Agatha Christie takes
Armand Gamache and his wife to a resort, where a fellow guest ends up dead.

Richards, Linda L. – Death Was the Other Woman – The mystery that introduces
Kitty Pangborn, secretary to a hard-drinking, hard-living detective during the Depression in LA.

Scotch, Allison Winn – Time of My Life - What would you do if you could go back & take the road not chosen earlier in life? When Jillian wakes up seven years in the past, she’s not yet married, doesn’t have a daughter, and still lives with her former boyfriend.

Todd, Charles – A Matter of Justice - Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge investigates the murder of a man everyone despised, even his own wife.

Webb, Betty – The Anteater of Death - Teddy Bentley, Assistant Zookeeper, knows the anteater was framed when a body is found in her enclosure, but she has to find the killer in order to save the anteater, and the zoo.


Anonymous said...

You had some good ones listed, Lesa. I'm putting a few of them on my list to either recommend or check out myself. Glad to hear your attendance was up. However, that isn't really surprising is it? I think we are all seeing our attendance up in general.

Lesa said...

No, it really isn't surprising. I guess since attendance had remained the same, with the same people for that one, I was pleasantly surprised.

I'll be waiting to see what you think of some of the books, Kay.

Clea Simon said...

Oh, if you did a webcast you could link it and we could all watch!! Do you know anyone who could handle the technical side of it?

Lesa said...

Unfortunately, I don't, Clea. And, with budget cutbacks, and possible staff ones looming, I dont' foresee it in the immediate future.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Wild Indigo on this list. It is part of one of my favorite series. Did you know that Wild Indigo received the Mary Higgins Clark Award last year? Also loved Wild Inferno and can't wait to read her new one, Wild Sorrow. I'm a big fan. Thanks for highlighting this one.

Lesa said...

I didn't know Wild Indigo won. That's great. I have to say, I read the ARC of Wild Sorrow, and loved it. It was on the basis of that book that I used Wild Indigo for the brown bag luncheon. You'll like it Meadow Eagle!