Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday's "Forgotten" Books - Engineered for Murder

Oh, I miss Aileen Schumacher's Tory Travers' mysteries. Engineered for Murder was the first of only four mysteries to feature Tory, a young, widowed, structural engineer, living with her son, on the outskirts of a campus town in New Mexico. When a scandal erupts, surrounding a football stadium that Tory has to inspect, her business is endangered, and a technician is murdered. Her life changes forever, with this job, and the appearance of Detective David Alvarez in her life. He soon discovers her connection to the building project, and her mysterious past.

The four books showed the development of Tory's relationship with Alvarez, and the growing success of her business. Tory's family and friends were all interesting. Engineered for Murder was followed by Framework for Death, and then Affirmative Reaction. The final book in the series, Rosewood's Ashes, took Tory and David into a Florida mystery that started seventy years earlier with a racist mob.

Again, it might not be easy to buy these mysteries, but your local public library should be able to borrow them for you, through interlibrary loan. Engineered for Murder, and Aileen Schumacher's other mysteries, shouldn't be forgotten.


Kay said...

Oh, this was a good one. I loved these mysteries and haven't thought of them in years.

Did you ever read L.L. Thrasher's Charlie mysteries? There were two of them and Charlie was a ghost.

Lesa said...

No, I haven't read L.L. Thrasher's books? Is this another one of those series that ended too soon? Don't you hate that?

Kay said...

She was on the DorothyL list a long time ago. Haven't seen her name in a long time. Think she was originally a librarian in Oregon or something. Anyway, there were two Charlie books, CHARLIE'S BONES and CHARLIE'S WEB. I liked them both. They are hard to find now.

Lesa said...

I remember when she was on DL, Kay. You're right. Unless she's writing under another name, I haven't heard of her in a while.