Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Wallflower Christmas

If you think Georgette Heyer when you think Victorian romance, you're in for a surprise with Lisa Kleypas' A Wallflower Christmas. However, if you read the four historical romances that introduced the Wallflowers, you won't be at all surprised by the sex in this Christmas story.

The four Wallflowers were friends who banded together during their London season to find husbands, starting with the oldest one. Now, they are successfully married, and hostesses to English society. Rafe Bowman is the brother of two of the wallflowers, Lillian and Daisy. He's arrived from America, planning to marry Lady Natalie Blandford.

Rafe didn't plan to meet Lady Natalie's companion first, Hannah Appleton. And, he certainly didn't plan to fall for an impoverished woman. But, the minute Hannah met Rafe, she knew he wasn't at all suitable for Natalie. Could the handsome American rake settle down with a simple lady's companion?

Kleypas' historical romance is sexier than Georgette Heyer's books, with a few scenes readers of those earlier Regencies would not expect. And, this Christmas story is a little too busy with too many characters, particularly if a reader is unfamiliar with the previous "Wallflower" books. For those who enjoy a little hot sex with their Christmas books, Kleypas' A Wallflower Christmas is light holiday entertainment.

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A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas. St. Martin's Press, ©2008. ISBN: 9780312533786 (hardcover), 224p.

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