Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Snow Valley Heroes: A Christmas Tale

Snow Valley Heroes: A Christmas Tale, is a children's book, the third volume in the Planet of the Dogs series by Robert J. McCarty. This enjoyable story should be appreciated by an audience ranging from ages six to ten, but younger readers will need to have the story read to them. Stella Mustanoja-McCarty's charming illustrations add to the pleasure of the book.

Long before dogs were known on earth, they existed on the Planet of the Dogs. They've been to earth twice to bring messages of peace, helping groups of people to live together. Now, they've discovered that Christmas is threatened by the evil King of the North, who has kidnapped Dasher and Dancer. Without those reindeer, Santa Claus will not be able to leave Santa Claus Village in Snow Valley.

But, on Planet of the Dogs, the dogs are called in from their own Snow Valley. That's the home of dogs that like cold weather and snow: huskies, malamutes, and big,working dogs. These are the dogs that volunteered to go to earth, meet up with the two children, Daisy and Bean, who have worked with the dogs before, and carry out a plan to save Christmas.

There are a few grammar problems in this book, but they can be overlooked for the sake of the story. Dog lovers will appreciate the story of dogs who hatch their own plot, and are smart enough to save Santa's reindeer. Mustanoja-McCarty's beautiful, soft, drawings of dogs, will be appreciated by all readers. Snow Valley Heroes: A Christmas Tale allows the dogs to share a message of loyalty and caring. It's the perfect time of year for that message.

The series website is www.planetofthedogs.net

Snow Valley Heroes: A Christmas Tale by Robert J. McCarty. Barking Planet Productions, ©2008. ISBN 9780978692827 (paperback), 112p.


Robert McCarty said...

Stella an I are most appreciative of your review. You have really caught the spirit and the appeal for children.
We want to wish you a most happy holiday season.
Robert and Stella

Lesa said...

Thank you, Robert.

And, the review has been picked up for syndiction by Reuters. I'll send the link.

robert McCarty said...

Thank you very much for the information about Reuters...we are, of course, delighted.
Robert and Stella

Lesa said...

You're welcome, Robert & Stella!