Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas on Conrad Street

I know I'm reading the stories of the Fletcher sisters backward, which I wouldn't do if the one I just finished wasn't set at Christmas. Marcia Evanick takes readers back to Misty Harbor, Maine in Christmas on Conrad Street, and I'm hooked on Evanick's romances.

When Dr. Sydney Fletcher walked into her condo to find her lover in bed with a nurse, she walked out on their four year relationship. She ended up in Misty Harbor, where she opened a small practice as the only doctor in town. So, she was in the office when Erik Olsen, one of the handsome "Viking" twins, showed up bleeding from a cut. As a doctor, she found herself a little queasy at the sight of blood from this man she's attracted to. And, she remembers vaguely where he lives when she almost runs his grandfather down in the street that night. Hans shouldn't have been wandering around on a cold night without a jacket, and his grandsons, Erik and Gunnar were both worried about him.

Once again, Evanick tells the story of two romances. Sydney and Erik carry the major storyline, with the romance between the doctor and the fisherman. Gunnar falls hard for Maggie Pierce, a single mother with an adorable four-year-old named Katie. But, Maggie's been burned before, and she has Katie to consider. And, running through the entire book is the concern for Hans, and his memory problems.

As usual, the town of Misty Harbor dresses up beautifully for Christmas. Evanick includes Norwegian Christmas customs and a boat parade in this enjoyable romance. And, if you're searching for a Christmas romance, what can be better than Viking twins? It's another satisfying Misty Harbor romance.

Christmas on Conrad Street by Marcia Evanick. Kensington Publishing Corporation, ©2002. ISBN 9780821774243 (paperback), 304p.

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