Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best Crime Fiction Reads of 2008

When Kerrie, at Mysteries in Paradise, asked readers to list their best crime fiction reads of 2008, she might not have known what she was getting into. She intended to collate the lists, add them to hers, and make a definitive list - the best crime fiction of 2008. But, the lists she's received have all been very different.

Do you want to add your top ten crime fiction reads to Kerrie's list? Check out her blog at Mysteries in Paradise.

It was tough to narrow my list to ten, but here are my favorite crime fiction reads of 2008.

The Fault Tree by Louise Ure
Blood of the Wicked by Leighton Gage
The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny
Death Will Get You Sober by Elizabeth Zelvin
What Burns Within by Sandra Ruttan
The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein
Rubicon by Lawrence Alexander
Hell Hole by Chris Grabenstein
The Fourth Time is Murder by Steven F. Havill
The Anteater of Death by Betty Webb

How does this match up with your favorites of 2008?


Kerrie said...

You're right Lesa. It's beginning to look like a library list/syllabus rather than a simple top 10! I'm amazed at all the recommendations I haven't read, and I've been thinking about the influences on what we read.
There are a few front runners emerging though.

Lesa said...

I've been checking out your lists, Kerrie. It's going to be interesting to see which ones come out on the most lists. You're in the same boat as the poor woman who volunteers, year after year, to compile the lists for DorothyL. What a mammoth job she has!

Jen said...

What perfect timing. I was going to work on my list tonight when I got home from work. My list is going to be difficult to narrow down, though. 2008 was a GREAT year for reading! I know for sure Chris Grabenstein will also be appearing on MY list! Thanks for the shove in the right direction on that one, Lesa! Happy New Year...hope 2009 brings just as many wonderful reads!

Lesa said...

Kerrie's the one who shoved me, Jen. But, you're right. I could have added Julie Hyzy and some other authors to the list, but if I'd gone past 10 I would have kept adding and adding. It was better to say these are the top 10, and quit.

Louise Ure said...

Lesa, do you know how proud I am to have made your list? Happy Holidays to you, and may we all have a successful and peaceful new year!

Lesa said...

Well, of course The Fault Tree made my list! And, I'm looking forward to the new one. (which is in my treasures right now, but I'm waiting.)

Happy Holidays to you as well, Louise. Yes, I hope 2009 is a much better year for the country, and I hope we all have a successful, peaceful, healthy new year!

Anonymous said...

Lesa, I've read a couple on your list and have at least 4 more here to read at some point. I added my list to Kerrie's blog. Love these end-of-year compilations.

Literary Feline said...

I haven't submitted my list to Kerrie yet. Hopefully I will get to it tonight or tomorrow--if I'm not too late. It was such a crazy reading year for me. I didn't get to a lot of the books I had hoped to, but I discovered quite a few others.

I haven't yet read anything from your list, but Louise Ure and Betty Webb are among my must read authors for this next year since I didn't get to them this round.

Lesa said...


And, I had a couple others I would have added if I did more than 10 - Julie Hyzy's Hail to the Chef, and Les Roberts - King of the Holly Hop.

Loved your Chris Grabenstein list. (smile)

Lesa said...

Literary Feline - I think Kerrie said she'd take submissions to Jan. 5. I'll be interested in seeing your list.

sexy said...