Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Berry Merry Christmas

Marcia Evanick's Christmas romance, A Berry Merry Christmas, is just as much fun as her other books, with the added pleasure of the Christmas setting.

Once again, Evanick takes readers to Misty Harbor, Maine, where villagers are celebrating the season with ice skating, toboggans, and carols at the lighthouse. Amber McAllister doesn't think she'll have time to enjoy the season though. Eighteen months earlier, when her husband died in an accident, she moved into an apartment owned by her widowed aunt, and started to help with her berry shop. But, Ian McNeal, her late husband's business partner, did an outstanding ad campaign for It's the Berries, and Amber finds herself flooded with orders, while her Aunt Grace dates all the eligible men in town. Amber is lonely and overwhelmed when Ian shows up at the shop, and immediately pitches in to help.

It wouldn't take much for Amber to fall for the good-looking Ian. However, Ian can only think about the fact that he's falling for the woman who used to be his partner's wife. Neither Ian nor Amber wants a ghost from the past to spoil Christmas.

Once again, Evanick brings likable characters to life in the charming town of Misty Harbor. Two romances, humor, and a charming setting creates A Berry Merry Christmas for anyone looking for a romantic story.

A Berry Merry Christmas by Marcia Evanick. Zebra Books, ©2004. ISBN 9780821777077 (paperback), 304p.


Lori Thornton said...

I read this book last year and found it enjoyable. I'm usually more of a mystery person than a romance reader, but I loved the setting with the Christmas twist added.

Lesa said...

I'm usually more of a mystery reader, too, Lori, but this time of year, I like a little Christmas and a little romance.

Anonymous said...

I read this book last year and found it enjoyable.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Acai. It was a fun book, wasn't it?