Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Once Upon a Thanksgiving

If you're looking for a comfort book as the season gets busier and busier, you can't go wrong with Once Upon a Thanksgiving, Holly Jacobs' entry in the American Romance series by Harlequin. And, for those of us who are fans of Jacobs, it's wonderful to discover this is the first in her new holiday series.

Samantha Williams is a divorced RN with four children who attend a private elementary school in Erie, Pennsylvania. She has her hands full with her job, her kids, and her work for the PTA, this year overseeing the Thanksgiving pageant. Her three boys, ages 13, 12, and 11, took the divorce hard, and their actions at school reflect their feelings of anger, loss, and bewilderment. A year after the divorce, Sam still has to deal with their behavioral problems, but it's the new interim principal she faces this autumn.

And, Harry Remington, the interim principal, was a childhood friend when he attended the school for one year. Harry can relate to the boys' problems, since he was forced to move after that year, when both of his parents had divorced and remarried. But, no matter how interested Harry and Sam might be, are her four kids prepared for a new man in their lives?

Holly Jacobs always creates realistic, believable characters. The ones in Once Upon a Thanksgiving are no exception. There's an enjoyable relationship between Harry and Sam, as well as her family, but there's also a developing friendship for Sam with two other women involved in the PTA. Those women will be continuing characters in the next book in the series, Once Upon a Christmas.

Readers can count on Holly Jacobs for likable characters, an enjoyable plot, and a nice romance. Once Upon a Thanksgiving is a perfect book for the season, but also for any time you're looking for a romantic escape.

Holly Jacobs' website is www.hollyjacobs.com

Once Upon a Thanksgiving by Holly Jacobs. Harlequin, ©2008. ISBN 9780373752362 (paperback), 224p.


pattinase (abbott) said...

This looks so restful.

Lesa said...

It is, Patti. And, I don't read a lot of romance. I read so many more mysteries. But, something about Holly's writing style and well-developed characters works for me. Good characters!