Friday, October 31, 2008

Studs Terkel has Died, R.I.P.

Studs Terkel, the author, radio host, and symbol of the city of Chicago, died today at age 96.

The Chicago Tribune has a very nice tribute to the man the city loved. It's at

I was in my first job out of grad school, working at the Upper Arlington Public Library in Ohio, when I was asked to do a book talk for a group. For my first talk, I used Studs Terkel's book, Working, interviews with people about their working lives. No one did interviews in the way Terkel did, and wrote them up so they were fascinating. I made a very successful presentation that day.

According to The Chicago Tribune, "At his bedside was a copy of his latest book, P.S. Further Thoughts From a Lifetime of Listening, scheduled for a November release." At 96, with his last book by his bedside. A perfect way for this storyteller, actor, activist, radio host, author, to go. Studs Terkel will be missed.

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