Friday, October 31, 2008

Payson Public Library

I did two Readers' Advisory workshops at the Payson Public Library. This picture doesn't do justice to this beautiful library. It's a warm, welcoming library, and the staff is so friendly. The citizens of Payson are very fortunate in the building and staff they have at their library.

It's a charming building, that welcomes visitors. Here's the desk as you enter the building.

And, the children's department! The artwork was commissioned, and the Library Director, Terry Morris, told the artist she wanted a garden, as a child would view it. What do you think?

And, there are two doors into the Children's Department, one adult-size, and one small one for children.

My photos didn't turn out well enough to show you the Teen Room, but the teens designed a special room for themselves. Everything in this library, from the Director's office with glass windows so she can see the floor, to the display cases at the ends of the shelves is carefully planned, and perfect, from an outsider's viewpoint. I'm sure the staff has their own little complaints, because we all do when we know our buildings.

But, from my viewpoint, they have a beautiful facility. Thank you to Terry Morris, and the Payson Library Staff for welcoming Jim and me, and sharing your library with us.


Jen said...

I LOVE the art for the children's room. Libraries are such magical places!

Lesa said...

Isn't it gorgeous, Jen? I was so impressed. And, this library truly is magical!