Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elaine Flinn, RIP

This was not a good weekend for those of us who love mysteries, and mystery writers. Not only did we lose Tony Hillerman on Sunday, but Elaine Flinn died on Saturday. Elaine may have died of pneumonia, but she was weakened by cancer.

Elaine wrote the Molly Doyle series, starting with Dealing in Murder. That mystery was nominated for the 2003 Agatha Award for Best First Novel. Here's the information about her series.

Molly Doyle, an antiques dealer in Carmel, California:

Dealing in Murder (2003)
Finalist 2003 Agatha Award for Best First Novel

Tagged for Murder (2004)

Deadly Collection (2005)

Deadly Vintage (2007)

I met Elaine Flinn at the first Thrillerfest held at the Biltmore here in Phoenix. Louise Ure offered to take me to lunch, and we met up with Elaine, and two other friends of Louise's. Thank you to Louise for giving me the opportunity to meet this woman, known as Evil E in the mystery world. She blogged about the mystery community with a great deal of humor.

The mystery world will miss Elaine Flinn.

Elaine Flinn and Louise Ure


L.J. Sellers said...

Thanks for writing about Elaine. My life is richer for having known her as well. I blogged about her today too, only my take shows her saltier side.

Lesa said...

Hi L.J.

I read your blog after reading on Twitter that you had talked about her. Oh, I definitely know she can be salty. And, she and I had a couple run-ins on DL. But, she was fun, wasn't she?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about Elaine. As an avid reader, Elaine was one of my Top 5 Authors. She certainly will be missed. My Prayers go out to her Family.

Lesa said...

Thank you, Sallie. It's been a rough time for those of us who love authors with Elaine, Tony Hillerman, Studs Terkel and now, Michael Crichton.