Thursday, October 09, 2008

Chandler Sunset Library & Readers' Advisory Workshop

Thank you to the staff at the Chandler Sunset Library who hosted the Readers' Advisory workshop yesterday. I had a great time, and this is a beautiful library.

And, for those of you who asked, I apologized for using library jargon. I didn't think about it when I posted the first article about the workshop. Readers' Advisory is my favorite part of my job. It's talking with people about books!

Sometimes, librarians get so caught up in reference, helping people with computers, fixing copiers, doing programs, handling issues that might be politically sensitive, all important work, that we forget that many of us went into the profession because we love to share our enthusiasm about books.

When I teach Readers' Advisory classes, I try to share that enthusiasm. We actually get to talk about books, and how to help people find books they might enjoy. We talk about books and websites that will help us help our library patrons.

I consider this blog as Readers' Advisory. It's talking with readers about books, and making book suggestions.

So, Jen, and anyone who wondered what Readers' Advisory is, it's our attempt to do a better job suggesting books you might want to read. We're polishing our skills so we can do a better job for you. Don't hesitate to talk to us about books!


Jen Forbus said...

Well, then I think they picked the perfect person to lead the workshop! You do an awesome job online suggesting books I'd be interested in reading. My TBR list reflects it! LOL Glad you had a good time. That library is beautiful. Today after work, I'm headed out to our library for their HUGE book sale. Can't wait!!

Lesa said...

Thanks, Jen.

I think the participants enjoyed it. At least, I had good evaluations afterward.

I thought the library was beautiful, too, and in a terrific location.

Have fun at the book sale! Just what you need, even more books on that TBR pile, right?

Jen Forbus said...

It's a disorder I have Lesa... I just can't keep myself from buying books! It's kind of like people who lived through the depression buying and storing lots of food. I do the same thing with books...but, I have no excuse. I was never deprived of books. Maybe it's because I live in NE Ohio and I don't ever want to chance being snowed in without enough to read! Of course, I think I'd have to be snowed in for well over a year to exhaust my supply!

Lesa said...

I totally understand! I used to have that fear. Having a key to the library took care of that fear for me. I still can't let go of the TBR pile, but I know I can get into the library any time of day or night that I need to.

I can't ever retire! I'd have to give up my key!