Monday, September 15, 2008


Ingrid Law gives the Beaumont family unusual gifts in the juvenile novel, Savvy. It's a fun story, and an interesting way to show pre-teens that everyone has a special talent or gift. It just takes some time to find it, and grow into it.

At the age of thirteen, members of the Beaumont family come into their savvy. Mibs' grandfather can move the earth. Her brother, Rocket, disrupted anything electric. Her brother, Fish, couldn't live near water because he could cause a hurricane. Mibs is looking forward to her thirteenth birthday, just a few days away. Unfortunately, her father has a car accident, ends up in the hospital in a coma, and then everything goes wrong.

It's too bad that Mibs' mother was in Salina when Mibs had her birthday. She might have been able to help her through it. Instead, their minister's wife showed up with her two children, Bobbi and Will. And, when she planned a birthday party at the church, Mibs was overwhelmed by the voices she could hear talking to her. Suddenly, ink and tattoos are speaking, and she can understand. Thinking she can help her father, she's frantic to get to him. It's the only reason that Mibs, Fish, Bobbi, Will and Mib's younger brother, Samson, hid away on a bus bound for Salina. Unfortunately, the bus took a wrong turn. What happens when Beaumont kids get upset? Anything can happen.

Savvy has its humorous moments, along with the tender ones. It's a fun book, with an underlying message. It doesn't take a Beaumont to be a special person. Everyone has their own savvy. It just takes time to grow into it.

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Savvy by Ingrid Law. Penguin Group, ©2008, ISBN 9780803733060 (hardcover), 352p.

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