Saturday, September 13, 2008

Chris Nardone - From Library Page to Author

Chris Nardone, who has been a library page at the Velma Teague Library in Glendale, Arizona for eighteen years, just published his first book, And Hell Followed With Him, and presented a copy to the library. Chris has had stories published in magazines and online ezines. He specializes in horror westerns.

Here's the summary of And Hell Followed With Him from the back cover. "Behold a Pale Horse...

Cowpoke Bel Jensen just wanted to live a normal life. But, there was so much of his life that was a mystery. He sees things...horrible things that drive him to the edge of sanity.

And his name that sat on him was Death...

When Bel becomes embroiled in the hunt for an outlaw gang, he comes to realize he's heading down a dark and tortuous path. Haunted by specters of the past, he must unlock the door to hell to preserve his future.

The Old West will never be the same."

I haven't read Chris' novel. I have read one of his horror westersn online, and found it fascinating. Congratulations to Chris Nardone for achieving a dream with publication of And Hell Followed With Him.

Chris Nardone's website is

And Hell Followed With Him by Chris Nardone. Publisher: Chris Nardone, ©2008. ISBN 9780615219035 (paperback), 192p.

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