Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Woman in Hats

I just couldn't resist. It took me three months to read Women in Hats by Judy Sheehan. I love hats. I knew there was a play in the book about a woman who owned a hat shop. It was supposed to be a book with humor. It wasn't. So, here's my interpretation of Woman in Hats.

(The over-fifty Red Hat look)

(The just one of the kids look)

(The floppy black Arizona hat)

(The worker's hat, worn when I resigned my job in Florida)

Now, THAT is Woman in Hats.


Joy said...

What fun! It's amazing how just a hat can change one's appearance.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Joy! I had a great time with it, and didn't even get all my hats and caps out of the closet.

bookfool said...

You look so good in hats! I've been telling my kids forever, that there are hat people and no hat people. I fall into the latter, because I look terrible in any hat I wear. My oldest daughter said she didn't agree, and one day she dragged me into a store that had lots of hats. After putting on dozens of them, she agreed, I just look stupid in hats. I'm envious of people like her and you who look good in them!

Oh well...they make my head itch anyway!! (or so I keep telling myself!!)

Lesa said...

Oh, you're definitely right. My children's librarian also looks in hats, but her face is round like mine. I think the face shape makes a big difference in hat wearing. Some people can wear them, and others can't.

Thank you!

Maria said...

Oooh, I love hats. I love the workers had and just one of the kids!!!!!


Lesa said...

Thanks, Maria! I love hats, too. I have lots more, but I didn't want to get carried away.