Saturday, August 09, 2008

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen

When I look for a cookbook to read, I'm not looking for ones with fancy ingredients that I can't easily find. I like a cookbook with comfort food, and a few interesting twists and additions. Trisha Yearwood's Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen fits the bill.

If you don't know Trisha Yearwood, she's a country singer from Georgia who married Garth Brooks, and moved to Oklahoma. This book is a family collection, written with her mother, Gwen Yearwood, and her sister, Beth Yearwood Bernard. Garth Brooks did the foreward.

This cookbook is actually better than many of them, because it doesn't assume the reader knows all of the techniques. The recipe for His 'n' Hers Deviled Eggs actually tells how to boil eggs. I love it! My father and I actually undercooked hardboiled eggs years ago, when we were cooking together. Novice cooks could use many of the recipes in this collection.

It's definitely southern cooking. I won't be making the boiled peanuts, but I copied the recipe for biscuits, banana bread, and lemon blueberry bread. There's probably nothing new here, but it's comfort food, and the recipes might be just a little different from ones already used. There were a couple interesting chicken salads, a chicken broccoli casserole, and a broccoli salad I liked.

Family members commented about the recipes in sidebars. Those sidebars are my only complaint about the book. Why do publishers insist in using a different color print for sidebars? Why doesn't a black box work? Maybe they just don't understand that green and orange print is hard to read.

Other than that complaint, I'd recommend Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen to anyone interested in good comfort food.

Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen by Trisha Yearwood. Crown Publishing Group, ©2008. ISBN 9780307381378 (hardcover), 224p.


Les said...

I've been eyeing this one ever since we got it in the store. Rod & I have always loved Trisha Yearwood. Since we love good comfort food, too, I think I'll have to snag a copy of the cookbook. One can never have too many cookbooks, right? :)

Lesa said...


If you like Trisha Yearwood, this book won't change your impression. She comes across as very nice.

And, I did find some recipes I'm going to try.

I love a good cookbook. You're right - you can never have too many, but I find myself using my favorite ones over and over.