Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Salon - So Many Books...

When I joined Sunday Salon, I understood the only qualifications were a blog, and a TBR (To Be Read) pile. And, do I have that pile!

It took me two weeks, but I finally finished 1001 Books for every Mood by Hallie Ephron. I definitely recommend it for all those of us who are book nerds who like lists of titles.

And, I have another book by mystery writer Deborah Crombie on my pile, since she spoke at my library on Tuesday. I'm halfway through a novel I'm reviewing for Library Journal. I review women's fiction for that professional journal. I've read fifty pages in Women in Hats by Judy Sheehan. I owe that review to Blogcritics. Then there's the manuscript I have to read for a publisher. And, I better finished The Richest Season by Maryann McFadden so I can request more books from LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program.

However, my motto in college always was, "It'll get done," and, it always did. I'll get through these books quickly. I have to. I want to move on to two mysteries, The Last Embrace by Denise Hamilton, and Jeffrey Cohen's It Happened One Knife. This doesn't even get to the July books in my closet.

Oh, well. It'll get done.


Jill said...

I hope you enjoy The Richest Season. It was a fun summer read for me.

I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Jill. I'm going back to it as soon as I finish the book for LJ.

It's nice to know you found it fun!

BooksPlease said...

I like your motto! I'll try to remember it next time I feel a bit overwhelmed by my piles of books I want to read.

Hallie Ephron said...

Thanks for the kind words about "1001 Books for Every Mood"! Coming from you, Lesa, that's praise indeed! I had a blast writing it--interviewed a ton of librarians, booksellers, and reading groups. I wanted to let your readers know we're giving away signed copies of the book to anyone who writes a "readers guide" for one of the books in it...see my web site for details

Lesa said...


Well, the slogan always worked for me, but probably because I wasn't a procrastinator, and didn't put things off too long. So, I never had a lot to catch up on. Until now!

Feel free to use it!

Lesa said...

Thank you, Hallie!

The praise is deserved! And, I know we bought two copies at my branch library, and at least two more for the system, along with the books people said they were buying after my original comments about the book.

And, I'm planning to recommend 1001Books when I teach Readers Advisory classes this fall. I'm going to be teaching at small libraries, and they can afford the book.

I have an appointment right now. When I get back, I'll edit the blog to mention the contest. Thanks!

Literary Feline said...

Yes, we book nerds definitely do like our book lists! The Denise Hamilton book looks especially interesting. I do love a good mystery.

I hope you have a great week!

Lesa said...

Thank you! I have lots of good books ahead of me, so it should be a good week.

You have a good one, too!

pattinase (abbott) said...

I"m interested in what you think of The Last Embrace as my daughter covered some of the same ground in The Song is You (Megan Abbott). Have to get to it soon.

Lesa said...

I'll get to it this week, Patti. However, I didn't read Megan's book, so I'll have nothing to compare it to.