Sunday, May 11, 2008

Memories are Murder

Those of us who are mystery readers in the United States probably don't know the Canadian writers of crime fiction as well as we should. Yes, we've been reading Louise Penny lately. But, Lou Allin took readers to an area of Canada most of us are unfamiliar with, northern Ontario. Memories Are Murder was the last in the Belle Palmer mystery series, but it's never too late to discover the series.

Belle Palmer owns a small realty company in Sudbury, lives with her German Shepherd, and visits her father in a nearby nursing home. A small business owner is always on pins and needles, but it doesn't help when her employee has to leave unexpectedly, and turns her job over to a young woman named Yoyo. Belle's peaceful life is also rattled when an ex-boyfriend shows up. They're discovering their adult friendship when Gary drowns on a trip to study the behavior of elk. What else could go wrong? How about a break-in, a gas poisoning, and threats from a meth user?

Belle Palmer is an admirable character, loyal to her father and friends, while trying to make a living in a struggling economy. Don't miss the chance to get to know her in Memories Are Murder, or any of the previous five books in Lou Allin's series about Belle Palmer. She'll be missed.

Lou Allin, the author of the series, retired and moved from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. So, she left Belle Palmer behind, and she's starting a new series featuring Holly Martin, a female RCMP corporal in charge of a small deetachment in Fossil Bay. Since Allin is now living on Vancouver Island, let's hope there are a number of crimes for Holly Martin to investigate.

Lou Allin's website is

Memories Are Murder by Lou Allin. RendezVous Crime, ©2007. ISBN 978-1894917339 (paperback), 283p.


Kay said...

I have not heard of these but will put them on my list. I've really been enjoying the Canadian mystery authors that I've read lately.

Lesa said...

And, even if I'm a librarian, the Canadian authors are not easy to find here. That's a shame.

If you like police procedurals, Kay, I'm reading a terrific one set in Vancouver. It's call What Burns Within by Sandra Ruttan. I'll be reviewing it in a day or two. It's just great.