Sunday, March 30, 2008

Getting Away Is Deadly

Sara Rosett takes her Air Force wife, Ellie Avery, to Washington, D.C. for her latest Mom Zone mystery, and it's a treat for anyone who has spent any time in D.C. However, for Ellie, even a week's vacation involves her in trouble, as she discovers in Getting Away Is Deadly.

Ellie only planned to accompany her friend, Abby, on a vacation while their husbands were in classes. But, Ellie can't say no. So, she found herself setting up a meeting with a veteran who might know the story behind the death of her cousin's father in Korea. And, she agreed to put her organizational skills to work for a small project for her sister-in-law's boss. And, she saw a man pushed from the platform at the Metro. Suddenly Ellie was involved in a murder investigation, a possible terrorist plot, and a fishy story about Korea. How does a pregnant Air Force wife get into so much trouble?

Rosett's stories always have complicated plots for Ellie to follow. The strengths of her stories lie in the small details, and the realism of Ellie's life. Her husband and daughter are very important to her. As I've mentioned when reviewing Rosett's books before, she doesn't forget about her daughter in the course of an investigation, which brings this cozy series to a higher level than some others. As an Air Force wife, who moves frequently, she values her friends.

The one feature that has become a weakness is the element originally used to set the series apart. Ellie has an organizing business, and organizational hints are included in each book. After a couple books, the author seems to be reaching to try to come up with new suggestions. This feature should just be dropped. What actually sets the series apart is Ellie's life as an Air Force wife.

Sara Rosett has left herself with a number of options for new mysteries, as Ellie and Mitch move from assignment to assignment. They meant to take a short break before their next move, but they discovered, for Ellie, Getting Away Is Deadly.

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Getting Away Is Deadly by Sara Rosett. Kensington Books, copyright 2008. ISBN 0-7582-1340-9 (hardback), 256p.


Anonymous said...

I've got a copy of this one to read too. I'm looking forward to it as I have enjoyed the other two in the series. Like you, I think the organizational thing could be dropped.

Lesa said...

Thanks, Kay. And, I think you'll discover it's even more out of place in this book.